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April is here! With it comes Spring and a lovely long stretch in the evenin’. This month, we have searched for the most exciting exhibitions, talks and workshops. We are extra excited because April means OFFSET is here. This year, OFFSET is accompanied by OFFSITE, a jam-packed festival filled with workshops, tours and site-specific work around Dublin.


Not to be missed, OFFSET is a 3 day conference on in the Bord Gais Theatre on April 8,9,10.

OffSet Dublin 2016 What's on
OffSet Dublin 2016 Source.

With over 2,500 attendees each year, OFFSET has fast become one of the world’s most inspirational, educational and vocational conferences for the design and creative industries. Since 2009, OFFSET has attracted such creative icons as Massimo Vignelli, Sir Peter Blake, Paula Scher, David Carson, Milton Glaser, Kyle Cooper, Stefan Sagmeister, Micheal Bierut, Shepard Fairey, Tomi Ungerer, JR, Lance Wyman, George Lois and Louise Fili.

Representing industry at all levels,  OFFSET speakers are key disruptors and influencers in their field driving everything from huge global campaigns to awe inspiring personal projects.

OFFSET are committed to a multi-discipline approach to curation, inviting the most interesting and exciting practitioners from the fields of Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Illustration, Fashion, Film, Industrial Design and Art.

Attending OFFSET counts as part of your Continued Professional Development and is used by many businesses as the prerequisite element of their employees professional training agenda.

Contact information here | Book here


30 March – 10 April

We’ve written all about OFFSITE festival in association with OFFSET already, here but we’re so excited about it we want to mention it again!

OffSite Dublin 2016 what's on April
OffSite Dublin 2016 Source

OFFSITE, Amplify Your City, a mini design festival as part of OFFSET comes to Dublin from the 30th of March to the 10th of April 2016. In conjunction with Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland, OFFSITE is set to transform the city into a hub of design as they take design out of the studio and into the streets. OFFSITE inviteS locals & visitors alike to join in the celebration of Dublin and Design with events, exhibitions tours and more across the city. Building on the success of OFFSET, OFFSITE will focus on the design of everyday and how we interact with it.

With events on all around the city, over X amount of days, in all different areas of visual arts from photography to design to art exhibitions to talks and tours, there’s no excuse to get involved!


April 16 – July 17

Luc Deleu,

EVA International is Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art. Every two years EVA international works with guest curators to create a 12-week programme of exhibitions and events that engage with the people and city of Limerick, Ireland. Since its foundation in 1977, EVA International has worked with some of the world’s leading artists and curators, bringing outstanding exhibitions to audiences on the west coast of Ireland. Artists’ projects are selected through an international open and invited call for proposals and exhibitions take place in both gallery and non-gallery spaces.

[email protected] |


April 8 – 21 | Opening 8 April 6pm – 9pm

Rachel Rothwell 'Arise and Go' Exhibition What's on April
Rachel Rothwell ‘Arise and Go’ Exhibition Source

What does home mean? Travel appropriates a new significance to the word, moving from a physical space to a concept encompassing language, history, culture and more; that distorts and fades with time.This exhibition is a series of illustrations that explore the notion of ‘home’ as it changes. Rachel Rothwell‘s illustrations stem from her own experiences, as well as discussions with other emigrants. The title comes from the well-known W.B. Yeats poem ‘Inisfree’.

Born in Wexford, Ireland in 1990, Rachel Rothwell studied ceramics at the Limerick School of Art and Design. In 2013 she travelled to South Korea, living in Daejeon for 12 months, where she was an active member of both the Daejeon Arts Collective and the Professional Artist Network Korea (PANK), exhibiting regularly around the country.

Since June 2015 she has been living and working in Montreux, Switzerland. Her work focuses on the process of self definition, exploring the external factors that influence us as we try to make sense of who we are. She uses a variety of materials to create abstract drawings, presenting her observations without judgement. She has exhibited in several locations in Ireland, as well as across South Korea.

[email protected] | [email protected] | 085 7104663

In-spire Gallerie | Find out more here


April 1-30

Gillian Lawler has a raw aesthetic, strong and powerful. She leans towards dark, industrial imagery, smoky and grey but innately beautiful.

The fine artist graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2000, and since then she has won the Hennessy Craig Award at the Royal Hibernian Academy’s annual show and been a member of two of Dublin’s most exciting studios, Moxie Studios and Pallas Projects.

This exhibition promises to expand on Gillian Lawler’s oeuvre. Expect to see the ordinary made mystic, as she looks for inspiration in the everyday things that surround her, and then adds atmosphere by applying her muted colour palette and depicting ordinary things in a slightly off-kilter and otherworldly way.

Gillian Lawler What's on April
Gillian Lawler 2015 Source

If you enjoy fine art painting that isn’t quite modernist, nor realist or surrealist, this exhibition will leave you particularly satisfied. |16 Molesworth Street | [email protected] | 016791548


April 7-26 | Opening 6 April 5.30pm

Broken People by Stephen Kieran. Kieran works with mixed media ceramics, natural materials, branches  paint, ink, and charcoal. For ‘Broken People’ Kieran has looked at Kintsuki, The Japanese art of repairing a broken object in a way that honours and highlights its past, the artist combined this with the human form as a way to represent the journey people take to become who they are at a current point in time.

Yeats Society Summer School | [email protected] | 07191 42693


April 1-9 | Opening 31 March 7pm

‘Impressions Left’ by Ciara Harrison. With up to twenty exhibits on paper and fabric, Harrison takes inspiration from the archaeological collections of the National Museum of Ireland, imagining the geometric patterns of the bronze and gold collection as a primitive language, an intentional mark or impression left on the material. The show will be opened by Irish writer Sue Rainsford.

Ciara Harrison Source

Individual pieces will be for sale with prices ranging from 250e to 850e.

(01) 547 7775 |


April 1-9 | Opening 31 March 7pm

Mary Burke 'Recall'
Mary Burke ‘Recall’ Source

This body of work focuses on suburban space, in particular, the fragmented spaces of memory. The man-made and natural environment combines to give a feeling of domestic space and place. Some familiar details such as windows, doors, steps and pathways are retained, which help to create a sense of interior and exterior. Shadows and reflections reinforce the illusion of layered space. Images can be broken down into abstract planes and patterns and yet still remain recognizable. Familiar objects can trigger past perceptions and the viewer populates each work with his or her own previous experiences. The end result is a series of imagined and remembered spaces.

Hamilton Gallery, 4 Castle Street, Sligo

071 9143686 /  [email protected] /


April 9-12 | Opening 9 April 5pm Sean Lynch in conversation with Kevin Barry

The Model presents the national tour of the Irish Pavilion from the 56th Venice Biennale, Adventure: Capital by artist Sean Lynch. Visited by over 400,000 people during the world’s most prestigious visual arts exhibition, Adventure: Capital is now undertaking an Irish Tour to Limerick, Sligo, Dublin and Belfast. Combining sculptural, video and archival elements, Adventure: Capital is Lynch’s most ambitious project to date. Configured exclusively for each venue, the artworks consider themes such as cultural history, societal structures, the contemporary environment and the role of the individual within it. Alongside Adventure: Capital at The Model, Sean Lynch will present A Blow by Blow Account of Stonecarving in Oxford (2013–14), an installation that traces the work of nineteenth century artisans John and James O’Shea.

Sean Lynch Adventure Capital what's on April
Sean Lynch Adventure Capital Source

[email protected] | The Model, The Mall, Sligo, Ireland | 071 9141405


Extended until April 24 | Closed Mondays

The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to welcome Brad Gray, Claire Halpin, Miriam McConnon, and Freda Rupp, who have all recently joined the gallery.

Effleurements | Group Show
Effleurements | Group Show Source

‘Effleurement’, a beautiful French word, first referred to the gentleness required to remove a flower from its stem. Its modern usage alludes to delicacy in touch: whether subtle strokes of a brush on canvas or light incisions on clay, each of our four new artists manages to impart deep impressions with minimal manipulation of the surface of their materials.

The exhibition is curated by gallery owner Olivier Cornet with the assistance of Antonio Gallo and Hazel Shaw.

[email protected] | 087 2887261
Olivier Cornet Gallery, 3 Great Denmark Street, Dublin 1


April 8-30 | Opening 8 April 6pm

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery is pleased to present Swimming to Inishkeel an exhibition by International Artist Malcolm McClay.

Malcolm McClay was raised in Donegal and his  memories of Inishkeel Island have informed his current body of work.  Inishkeel Island is a small uninhabited Island off the west cost of Donegal, accessible by foot at low tide. St. Conal Coel founded a monastery on the island in the 6th century, hence the original name Innis-Coel. The remains of two 12th-century churches, St. Conal’s and St. Mary’s are still there. The site is also home to two cross slabs from the 8th to 9th century and a large boulder known as St. Conal’s bed.

In the Celtic tradition “a thin place” is the name given to a place where the visible and invisible worlds touch or are at their closest, a space where the veil between the temporal and celestial worlds has grown thin.

Malcolm McClay What's on April
Malcolm McClay Source

For Malcolm McClay Inishkeel is such a place. “I grew up visiting the island, first with bucket, spade and picnic, later with a windsurfer, boat and kayak. Now each morning when I am at my parents’ house, I walk the few minutes to the beach and swim to the island and back. It is about a half hour each way but when I get there I am on my own and have the island to myself. The coldness and clarity of the water, the stillness and unchanging nature of the landscape bring me to a place where I am more alive than at any other time. For this exhibition I have created a series of meditations on this idea through kinetic sculpture, performance video and photography.”

Malcolm McClay will present a lecture on Thursday 7 April at 11am as part of CIT Crawford College of Art and Design’s visiting lecture series.

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Clarke’s Bridge, Wandesford Quay, Cork, Ireland.

[email protected] | | Find out more


1 Day Beginner Level Digital Photography Course | Barry McCall

Saturday 16 April
Barry McCall Photographer | 9 Bond Street, Dublin 8

Introduction to digital photography in studio, including camera settings – how to use them and when, file management, basic lighting set ups, working with composition and basic retouch of your images. This will be a real hands on chance to put learning into practice with one of Ireland’s most influential photographers.

[email protected] | 01 4166 888 | Book here.

Barry McCall Photography
Barry McCall Photography Source

A Maker Approach to Art and Interactivity Workshop | A4 Sounds

9-10 April | 10am-4pm


A Maker Approach to Art and Interactivity: An Introductory Workshop to Electronics for Creative Projects. This hands-on, jargon-free workshop will introduce you to physical computing and show you how to develop and realise art proposals with interactive elements. Our artist-maker approach is all about tinkering with art, electronic and everyday materials to learn through experimentation and discovery.

By the end of the weekend you will have a basic understanding of the principals involved in easy-to-make light and sound responsive systems and the materials required. You will also have collaborated with other workshop participants to create an electronically triggered soundscape or an interactive environment/artwork.

Make_Create_Innovate will be joined by Robby Collins in the afternoon of the second day. Robby will offer some key insights into how artists have engaged with technology and what supports are available to develop your ideas further.

This workshop is for creative people (both professionals and non-professionals) who want to do something different whether it’s programme a touch-activated sound effects on the theatre stage or design a unique funky birthday card for a friend. It is especially suitable for anyone involved in engaged arts that support arts participation and/or invite audience interaction. Cost includes all materials. Tools are provided.

€120 for both days, €75 for the first day only | Book here.
A4 Sounds, St Joseph’s Parade Dublin, Dublin 1

Art 4 Artists Workshop Series | Deirdre Ronan | A4 Sounds, Dublin

Wednesdays 6 April – 11 May, 7 – 9pm

6 week Art 4 Artists Workshop Series with Deirdre Ronan. This group aims and intends to provide a safe space within which practicing artists can meet and re-connect with art materials, art making and processes, themselves and each other in an alternative and authentic way. To provide a forum for this connection, and support discussion about the beautiful simplicity and complexity of the relationship between ‘the self’ and ‘the art’.

Cost: €60 | A4 Sounds, St Joseph’s Parade, Off Upper Dorset St, Dublin 1

A4 Sounds Shop - Art for Artists
A4 Sounds Shop – Art for Artists Source

Make Your Own Pinhole Camera at Limerick Printmakers

23 April | 10:30am-2pm

A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture, a pinhole – effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side.

Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box. The film inside the handmade pinhole camera records the image that comes in through the pinhole. The camera records an image of the scene that you point the camera at. The film must be exposed for a long time while the camera is held very steadily as the pinhole lets so little light through. The pinhole in a pinhole camera acts as the lens. The pinhole forces every point emitting light in the scene to form a small point on the film, so the image is crisp. This is a fun & experimental process that is a great introduction to creative photography. Level: Beginners/Improvers/Refreshers

Limerick PRintmakers Make Your Own Pin Hole Camera Workshop
Limerick PRintmakers Make Your Own Pin Hole Camera Workshop Source

The course is being taught by Isabella Walsh, an experienced artist, printmaker and photographer. Bella is the studio technician in Limerick Printmakers.

Price: €25 – 10% discount for students/seniors/those not presently working
Limerick Printmakers, 3 Johns Square, Limerick

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