Exhibitions: ‘Eminent Domain II’, ‘The Standard,’ and ‘Still, We Work’

Exhibitions from around the country this week.

Gillian Lawler at Pallas Projects, Dublin 8

Eminent Domain II

15 to 31 October 2015 | Opening Wednesday 14 of October, 6 to 8pm
Thursday to Saturday, 12 to 6pm

Pallas Projects announce Eminent Domain II a solo exhibition by Gillian Lawler. This is the second installment of Lawler’s project inspired by a field trip to the abandoned town of Centralia in Pennsylvania, America. Centralia began burning deep under its foundations in the 1960s where a vein of coal was accidentally set on fire. This vein burned intensely, so much so that the town began to form sinkholes and poured out toxic gases. Centralia was declared unsafe in the 1980s and the residents were relocated to another area. Centralia is now a floor plan of empty overgrown streets and remnants of buildings long removed. Unexpected interruptions among its remains, making it seem like fragments of skeletal, emptied presence. Its emptiness only adds to its strangeness and among its streets hovers the memories of another time. Lawler’s creates structures which hover motionless and insistently above the wastelands, anxiously scrutinizing the existing conditions for the possibilities of survival.

A catalog, Eminent Domain II, will accompany the exhibition with essays by Dominic Stevens, architect, Daniel Lipstein, visual artist and Linda Doyle, Professor of Engineering and the Arts, Trinity College Dublin.

Further information
Pallas Projects/Studios, 115-117 The Coombe, Dublin 8

Eileen Meagher at Gormleys, Dublin

16 October to 7 November | Opening: 15 October, 6.30 to 8.30pm
Gormleys Fine Art, 25 South Fredrick Street, Dublin

Meagher’s work depicts a quintessential rural Ireland: a perspective of the west of Ireland which emulates nature and its remoteness, emphasising the solitude of Ireland.

For further information visit: www.gormleys.ie

2039 | Emer O Boyle and Méadhbh O’Connor at ArtBox, Dublin

16 October to 20 November | Opening: 15 October, 6pm
Opening hours: WednesdayFriday , 11am5pm, and by appointment.
ArtBox, 3 James Joyce Street, Dublin 1

‘2039’ brings together new work by artists Emer O Boyle and Méadhbh O’Connor. The exhibition explores the parallels that bind the pursuits of both artists and scientists, in a continuum of reciprocal influence.
The show is curated by ArtBox Director Dr. Hilary Murray.

E: [email protected]

For more information please visit: artboxprojects.wordpress.com/

Mary Rose Binchy at The Cross Gallery, Dublin

9 to 31 October | Opening: 8 October, 6pm
Cross Gallery, 59 Francis St. Dublin 8

The Cross Gallery presents ‘The Wandering Albatross & Other Stories’, a solo show of new paintings by Mary Rose Binchy. ‘The story of this exhibition begins with the Albatross which initially came into my head courtesy of Bastille’s song The Weight of Living.’ As  Mary Rose Binchy thought about and drew this magnificent bird, she began to see it, not as a symbol of  unwanted burden, but instead as an emblem of power, of beauty and endurance – a spirit soaring skywards, companion to the gods.


Antonio Julio Lopez Castro at Siamsa Tire, Kerry

24 September to 25 October
Siamsa Tire, Tralee, Co. Kerry

A Measure of Things’ by Antonio Julio Lopez Castro is the result of a number of different projects in which Antonio has worked over the past number of years, but with a common source of interest: the habitat in which we live. His paintings and drawings develop from a mixture of sources: found objects, observational drawing, photographic material, and found imagery.

E: [email protected], T: 0667123055

www.siamsatire.com | www.antoniojuliolopezcastro.com

The Standard | Ivan Rynn at Sirius Arts Centre, Co.Cork

9 to 25 October | Opening: 8 October, 7pm
Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co.Cork.

‘The Standard’ is a lens-based project by Ivan Rynn that focuses on the distribution of newspapers in Ireland, the street news vendors and the spaces they occupy and information that is conveyed in the headlines.
Rynn considers the relationships between the newspaper vendors and the words they display and by doing so explores the power of text, image and gesture both within the photographic medium and in a wider public context. This work uses photographs, interviews, stories and videos to give an insight into who these people are and their role in communicating a version of the news to the public within a world where media is accessible through multiple platforms.

For more information please visit: www.siriusartscentre.ie

Still, We Work | Limerick City Gallery of Art, Dance, and The Hunt Museum

Still, We Work
NWCI Legacy Project: Representations of Women’s Work
12 to 18 October 2015 | Opening 12 October 3pm at Dance Limerick
Limerick City Gallery of Art, Dance Limerick and The Hunt Museum
All venues open daily 12 to 5pm

Still, We Work is an exhibition featuring works by artists Anne Tallentire, Miriam O’Connor, Sarah Browne and Vagabond Reviews exploring contemporary representations of women and work. Limerick is the last part of this exhibition tour and the artists’ works are being exhibited across three venues: Limerick City Gallery of Art, Dance Limerick and The Hunt Museum. The exhibition and additional programme are curated by Michele Horrigan, assisted by Noelle Collins.

Monday, 12th October, 3pm, at Dance Limerick
Broken Biscuits II; an illustrated talk by Valerie Connor, introducing Still, We Work and how artists representations of movement has embodied and symbolized resistance to the status quo. Followed by a reception and launch at 4pm.

Tuesday, 13th October, 3pm at Dance Limerick
Lady Icarus: a talk by Lindie Naughton. In 1928, Lady Mary Heath, born in Newcastle West, County Limerick, flew her tiny open-cockpit biplane from Cape Town to London; the first solo pilot to make the trip. It took her three months in an epic adventure that included forced landings, bureaucratic bungling, hostile natives and a bullet or two. Never one to sit still for long, Lady Mary had already pioneered women’s athletics in Britain and helped introduce women’s track and field to the Olympics. Hear more about her contribution to a liberal understanding of women’s role in society from Lindie Naughton, author of Lady Icarus – the first full-length biography of Mary Heath.

Wednesday 14th October, 3pm at The Hunt Museum
Burn in Flames: Post-Patriarchal Archive in Circulation; performance by Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones. At the Captain’s Room in The Hunt Museum, Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones present Burn in Flames: Post-Patriarchal Archive in Circulation, developed as part of their current project In the Shadow of the State, a co-commission by Create (Ireland), Artangel (UK) and supported by an Arts Council 2016 Projects Award. For Browne and Jones, items from everyday experience are named as evidence of the current, late-capitalist oppression of women, from legal documents to consumer goods. These objects are identified, stamped, and placed back in circulation. This work is presented through a workshop demonstration format and audience members are encouraged to participate by bringing material they want to stamp. The project also exists on twitter as @pparchive and welcomes online contributions.

Thursday, 15th October, 3pm at Limerick City Gallery of Art
Re-thinking the Legacy Project: a presentation by Miriam O’Connor, introduced by Noelle Collins.
After amassing a large archive of images through spending time at the NCWI offices in Dublin, Miriam will consider the role of editing in her work and how she continues to navigate through what she calls a bank of photographs. This approach relates to her more recent work around agriculture and farming, discussing what is seen and what remains obscured.

For full details about the events in the additional programme:
E: [email protected]

OH NO | Martina Gleeson in Association with Limerick Printmakers

Oct 09, 2015 01:14 pm

16 October to 2 November | Opening: 15 October, 7pm
69 O’ Connell Street (formally The Belltable), Limerick

Martina Gleeson is the winner of the Tom Fox bursary award in association with Limerick Printmakers. Martina’s current artwork for her show “OH NO!” deconstructs her observations of the familiar to present to her viewer and alternate reconstructed representation of the unexamined tribulations, anxieties and irritations in a somewhat satirical fashion.

For more information please visit: www.facebook.com/events/770582186396915/

Featured Image: Vent by Gillian Lawler
via www.thelifeofstuff.com