Exhibitions: ‘WORK’ at Steambox Gallery Dublin

WORK| Eoin Francis McCormack at Steambox Gallery, Dublin 8

Eoin-F-McCormack-PosterFrom December 10th to 23rd
Opening December 10th at 18:00
Steambox Studios & Gallery
School Street, Dublin 8

Join us for the opening of WORK, an exhibition by Eóin Francis McCormack, in Dublins Steambox Gallery 10th of December 6pm.

Eóin has constructed a practice that explores painting as a work ethic, stressing the routine and physical labour aspects of working as an artist: “The work of the painter and the world of the artist’s studio often seem to exist in contradiction to accepted concepts of ‘working’ in our contemporary culture. To choose to be a maker of something, without a clearly defined purpose, in our society is something artists must constantly address in their work. As a painter, I explore these contradictions through the working methods I implement”.

This will be Eóin’s first solo show since completing a Bachelors of Art in Fine Art Painting at Limerick School of Art and Design, and a Master of Fine Art Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. The exhibition runs until 23rd of December and features painting, sculpture and print.

Recent selected projects and exhibitions include Print is Dead Long Live Print, Galway Print Studios, Galway; Open, Edinburgh Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show, Bonhams Auctioneers, Edinburgh; Masters of the Multiverse, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh; Bellwether, Limerick Culture Night, LSAD, Limerick; Fair, The Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.

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Angela Fulcher and Ruth E Lyons at Galway Arts Centre

Nov 26, 2015 12:29 pm

5 December 2015 to 16 January 2016 | Opening 4 December 2015 6pm

Unbounded is an exhibition of new work by artists Angela Fulcher and Ruth E. Lyons referencing the limitless nature of interpretation and unrestrained manipulation of material.

Angela Fulcher works in sculpture, installation and photographic collage. Her practise focuses on the reconfiguration of objects so that aspects of their material nature may be revealed. Fulcher’s approach to producing work involves applying close attention to the details and qualities of materials and surfaces through using minimal interventions to subtly disrupt and interrogate their interpretation and function.

Ruth E. Lyons has conceived new sculptural work that sets out to create an immersive experience and bring out into the open the underground movements of material, in this case referring to the use of water as a means of displacing oil in oil-wells. The work is inspired by the writings of the Han Chinese polymathic scientist Shen Kuo, specifically his Dream Pool essays where he made the earliest known historical reference to oil which he called Rock Oil.

Further information:
T: (091) 568 642
E: [email protected]
Galway Arts Centre, Dominick Street Lower, Galway

Liam O’Rourke at Inspire Galerie, Dublin 1

FB_IMG_1448478409797Journey Into The Landscape
5 to 15 December 2015 | Opening 5 December  6 to 9pm

Inspired by the Wexford landscape, abstract artist Liam O’Rourke brings his unique visual style to Inspire Galerie.
Further information:
T: 085 710 4663
56 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1

La Catedral Studios Retrospective Exhibition, Dublin

la cathedral5 December, 2 to 7pm
The Back Loft, 7/11 St. Augustine Street, Dublin 8

A La Cathedral retrospective exhibition (2005 – 2015) will take place in The Back Loft. The exhibition is curated by artist in residence Tara Carroll it will encompass works from current resident artists and past members of the La Catedral Studios and will take place in The Back Loft, the multi-purpose space of LCS.

This exhibition is to celebrate the community of artists that made La Catedral Studios a vibrant and dynamic space over the last ten years. It will be a day of art, music and festive drinks.
The exhibition will open with original piano tunes played on our 50-year-old piano by Johnny De Raige, it will continue with Balcan tunes and world beats with guest dj Al-Jive Mestizo from Cork.


Solas Awards Exhibition, Gallery of Photography, Dublin

Solas-Logo-large2 December to 10 January | Opening: 1 December, 6.30pm
Gallery of Photography, Meetinghouse Square
Temple Bar Dublin 2

The Solas Prize is a new photography award with $11,500 in prizes, exhibition and publication opportunities for the winners. It is a collaboration between Source Photographic Review (Belfast) and the Gallery of Photography (Dublin). Winners will be exhibited at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin, and published and distributed worldwide in the upcoming issue of Source magazine from 1st Dec 2015.

The exhibition also features the work of seven photographers who have been selected for the Solas Ireland awards, these are: Ciarán Óg Arnold, Enda Bowe, Eamonn Doyle, Emer Gillespie, Shane Lynam, Yvette Monaghan and Dara McGrath.

In addition to the exhibition in Dublin, their work will be showcased in a major group exhibition at Galerie Fotohof , Salzburg in 2016. All winners will be formally announced at the exhibition opening in Gallery of Photography Dublin on 1st December.

www.galleryofphotography.ie/ | solasprize.com/

Dorota Borowa at Eight Gallery, Dublin 2

Until 6 December 2015

Lunar is a series of black and white landscape themed paintings by Polish artist Dorota Borowa. Borowa’s works are not based on a preconceived image and this freedom allows her to either accept or impose her own will on the way the paint flows. This method allows Borowa paintings to become a place between reality and abstraction, between accident and design, acceptance and destruction. Further information:
E: [email protected]
T: 01 675 0972
8 Dawson Street, Dublin 8

Christmas Exhibition of Cork Printmakers, Cork

image0014 to 23 December | Opening: 3 December, 6pm
CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, 5 Wandesford Quay, Cork
Opening hours: Mon to Sat, 10am to 6pm, Closed Sundays.

‘All Things Considered’ is an annual Christmas exhibition by Cork Printmakers featuring new prints by at least 40 artist members of Cork Printmakers. This exhibition of new prints represents all printmaking types from etching, lithography, photo intaglio, to screen-printing and digital prints. These prints have been created specifically for this exhibition and are available in limited editions.

http://ccad.research.org/gallery/ | http://www.corkprintmakers.ie

Underground Images at the James Barry Exhibition Centre, Cork

Cork-A4-approx-at-150dpiUnderground Images
School of Visual Arts Subway Posters, 1947 to the Present

2 to 21 December 2015 and 12 to 22 January 2016 | Opening Tuesday 1 December 2015 7pm
Monday to Friday 10 to 5pm

Curated by SVA Executive Vice President Anthony P. Rhodes, CIT partners with School of Visual Arts, New York, to host the international touring exhibition Underground Images: School of Visual Arts Subway Posters. This exhibition includes more than fifty posters selected from the wide array conceived at the School of Visual Arts for display in the vast New York City subway system. They offer a glimpse of the history of the college and the collective talent of it’s acclaimed design, illustration and photography faculty. The posters also represent the changes in style, technique, and technology in visual communications over those years, from hand-drawn illustrations to modern digital rendering. Twenty nine current and former SVA faculty members created the posters in this exhibition including Gail Anderson, Marshall Arisman, Gene Case, Ivan Chermayeff, Paul Davis, Sal DeVito, Louise Fili, Audrey Flack, Nathan Fox, Bob Gill, Robert Giusti, Milton Glaser, Phil Hays, Steven Heller, Mirko Ilic, Viktor Koen, Stephen Kroninger, Marvin Mattelson, Clay Patrick McBride, James McMullan, Jerry Moriarty, Tony Palladino, Stefan Sagmeister, David Sandlin, Paula Scher, Eve Sonneman, George Tscherny, James Victore and Robert Weaver.

Further information:
E: [email protected]
James Barry Exhibition Centre, CIT Bishopstown Campus, Cork

Steve Maher at The Church Gallery, Limerick School of Art and Design

Infinite-Piano-vaiThe Melody is the Message
15 December 2015 to 8 January 2016 | Opening  14 December 2015 from 7 to 9pm

Curated by Paul Tarpey, The Melody is the Message focuses on the relationship between dominant ideologies and subjugation, music and the communities which orientate themselves around it. Music is versatile, capable of being both a catalyst for emancipation and a tool for manipulation. Generations of men and women have both danced to life and marched to their deaths with music encouraging each respective step. Music is not something that we have created it is something that has happened to us.

Maher’s work makes use of music, its rituals, its communities and its cultural artifacts as material, reflecting not about music itself but what music makes. Christian rock, Johannes Kelper’s Harmonices Mundi, the theory of ex-corporation and the Klingon language are just some of the varied reference points from which the work is inspired. The Melody is the Message explores the creative practice of music from beyond its own limitation, looking instead at the impact the activity and it’s appreciation has on the world around it.
Further information:
E: [email protected]
The Church Gallery, Limerick School of Art and Design, Clare Street Campus, Limerick City, Ireland

Patricia James and Lyn Megaw at Haptik, Newtownards

HaptikThrough a Glass, Darkly
26 November to 12 December
Haptik, 29 Frances Street, Newtownards

‘Through a glass, darkly’ is a joint exhibition displaying new bodies of abstract work by Patricia James and Lyn Megaw, both have taken up a two week residency in Haptik. The show encourages the public to come and meet the artists and understand how they work.

[email protected]

Jiann Hughes at Millennium Court Arts Centre, Armagh

JiannHughesExhumingTheArchiveExhuming the Archive
5 December 2015 to 30 January 2016 | Opening Friday 4 December, 7 to 9pm
Monday to Saturday, 10-5pm
at Millennium Court Arts Centre

Exhuming the Archive is a new solo exhibition by Belfast based artist Jiann Hughes. An ode to the digital memories we’d rather forget, this new body of work considers the earth as planetary memory storage, containing the haunting remains of dead new media. The installations that Hughes has created memorialise the unstable materials relied upon for today’s memory making. They are kinetic and living monuments to the invisible labours and persistent materials that support our remembering: to the stuff that resists decay, refuses to be forgotten, and refuses to let us forget.

A free bus will run between Belfast and Portadown on the evening of the opening. To book a seat contact:
E: [email protected]

Further information
E: [email protected]
T: 0044(0) 2838 394415

Brian Maguire at the Void Gallery, Derry

Paintings, Ciudad Juarez
Until 6 February 2016

Void presents J’accuse, an exhibition of new paintings by Irish artist Brian Maguire, curated by Jonathan Cummins. Maguire’s highly engaged working process positions art as an act of enquiry and activism and a demand for solidarity with those who are forgotten and voiceless. Since 2009, Maguire has been making work in and about Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city bordering the US just south of El Paso, Texas. Maguire’s early work in Juarez resulted in a series of portraits created in response to the ‘feminocidio’, or feminicide, the rape, murder and disappearance of hundreds of young women in the city since 1993. Maguire’s new paintings for this exhibition with Void methodically describe the links between the international drugs trade, the global flow of money, the violence of a destabilised state, the relentless slaughter, the impunity of power, and the darkness that permeates these borderlands and trade between wealthy and poorer nations.

Further information:
E:[email protected]
Patrick Street, Derry/Londonderry, BT48 7EL, NI

Featured image via: eoinfrancismccormack.com