Featured Artist| Alan Williamson

Alan Williamson is an self-taught artist based out of Ontario, Canada. His work seems to draw from the subconscious, allowing the forms to become their own image. Although dream-like and fluid, they maintain a strong presence. He works with a variety of mediums, mainly focusing on dark, repetitive lines, and contrasting colours to create eye-catching portraits that seem to stare back at the viewer.

“I am an untrained artist who doesn’t typically tell his hand what to do. Drawing on forgotten memories, dream fragments, and subconscious role models, my art is a never-ending fictional portrait that does it’s best to obscure my secrets. Although my method, and it’s kinship to automatic drawing, always whispers some secret, or two, in the end.

Acrylic paint, canvas, hardboard, and paint markers are all things I have experimented with in the past year. But I tend to work with markers, as I love the dark contrast against white paper, plus the fluidity I can feel with the right markers will inspire, or provoke me, to draw until I run out of paper.”

More of his work can be seen at http://cargocollective.com/alanwilliamson.

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