Featured Artist| Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire is a freelance artist from Belfast who has gained success through many different mediums. He creates paintings using watercolours and oils, drawings in charcoal and graphite, and even works in printmaking using woodcuts and linocut techniques. His style is as adaptable as his mediums, and range from hyper-realistic and life-like, to whimsical and imaginative with influences of traditional Celtic art. “Scenes from life” seems to be the running theme throughout his work, as his subject matter includes portraits, the human figure, city-scenes, and the Irish countryside. Although always adapting and changing, he maintains a sense of vibrancy and a strong focus on the details throughout the work.

“I originally became interested in art at an early age where I would watch my Grandfather sketch and draw out ideas for projects – as well as for the mere pleasure of drawing. My Grandfather, an accomplished draughtsman, carpenter, designer and watercolour painter, introduced me to pencil drawing and charcoal. Inspired and captivated by seeing what he could accomplish with a pencil and a paintbrush, I too attempted to paint as well as he did… and I believe I’m still trying. Over the next year I am hoping to concentrate a lot more on portraiture and introduce more figures into the paintings with a more realistic finish. Perhaps working on a larger scale. Who knows? At the moment I am still experimenting with a lot of different things and searching for what works best. I guess I will just wait and see what happens.”

Connor’s art as has been showcased in many solo and group shows and continues to be exhibited in galleries throughout Ireland.

Visit his website to view more of his work, and be sure to follow him on Facebook.

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