Featured Artist| Daniel Chester

Daniel Chester is a visual artist based out of County Leitrim. He has a Masters in Visual Arts Practices from the College of Art and Design, Dunlaoghaire, Dublin. His hauntingly sullen images depict scenes of nature,  representing the negative effects of human influence on the natural environment.

“The current body of research is a visual enquiry into the effects of mans over consumption of natural materials and the continuous destruction and long term detrimental effects this is having on the rural landscape of Ireland.  The research particularly focuses on the landscape on counties Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo and Mayo and aims to question what relationship can be connected between the over indulgence of Irish people during the last 15 years and our historical and sacred connection to our environment.

My current area of research also extends to an enquiry into traditional drawing and painting of the landscape, in particular the idea and notion of romantics within the rural landscape. Areas of continued interest include artist such as Casper Friedrich, German romanticism painting, notions of disillusion with materialism, return to the natural world, death, destruction and resurrection.”

Daniel’s recent shows include “New Enviroments” Ballina Arts Centre, Corporate Republic, Leitrim Sculpture Centre and Successful Flaws, Roscommon Arts Centre. More of his work can be found on his website.

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