Featured Artist| Fergal O’Connor

Fergal O’ Connor is an artist and illustrator from Co. Kerry. He creates highly intricate imagery depicting lively characters and whimsical scenery. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally, and he provides illustrations for children’s books and other publications.

“My work is set within an imaginative, fantastical and often dark universe inhabited by strange characters and creatures. A somber world where the amazing and the beautiful lives side by side with the bleak and tragic. As much as I can in my work, I try to stay honest with myself and examine subjects, thoughts and emotions that I feel are true to who I am. As an artist I am as much a work in progress as any of my artwork, and this can often be the most challenging part of making work. I primarily work with fine-liner pens and watercolour paints to create detailed, lively pieces and illustrations. I aim to create work that draws the viewer in and invites them to explore each image and discover the many little facets and details of each one.”

More of Fergal’s work can be found on his Tumblr and Facebook pages.

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