Featured Artist| Jelena Straiziene

Lithuanian artist Jelena Straiziene uses a variety of mediums in her paintings to create bright, intense imagery. Her work is very diverse, ranging from the realistic to the abstract, but no matter what the subject matter, there is always a sense of vibrant energy in her paintings.  Jelena is currently based in Dublin.

“In each of us there is a certain part where there are no taboos and conventions, where the main thing is the imagination and the freedom to express our feelings and emotions. That is what I am trying to open in my paintings. I look at the cracked paint on the wall and see  objects and shapes: city lights reflected in raindrops, architectural fragments of old streets. All the moods and emotions I write in my imagination pass through colors and lines. Painting becomes a game of experimentation, it allows me to learn more about me and the world, and a way of saying thank you, for all that I see and feel.”

More of her work can be found at Art-by-Jelena and Art/Artists/Artwork.

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