Featured Artist| RM Kavanagh

RM Kavanagh (Mark Kavanagh) is a self-taught artist from Co. Wicklow. He has gained commercial success through his vivid and life-like oil paintings. He has had solo exhibitions throughout Dublin, Galway, London, Miami, and Los Angeles, and gained national acclaim after appearing on the Late Late Show. His work primarily focuses on the human form, forced perspectives, high contrast, and bold colours. Much of his work, including his latest exhibition Life’s a Glitch, depicts the “instant moment of when tragedy and beauty collide, which leaves him to contemplate the grey areas of life. His work explores the realms of the birth of an idea, it’s existence and then its demise.”

“As an artist I delve into the areas in life which are uncomfortable to ponder and I project those ideas onto canvas leaving an everlasting stain on the viewers mind.”

More of his work can be viewed on his website: www.rmkavanagh.ie

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