Instagram Pick of The Week | Steph Wilson

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This weeks Artist is Steph Wilson Fashion and fine art photographer and artist based in Hackney, London. @stephwilsonshoots
Steph is founding member of arts collective Lemon People and currently shoots for Dazed Digital and Vice’s feminist channel, Broadly.
Photo by Steph Wilson from the Series 'Girls' on the Artist's site.
Photo by Steph Wilson from the Series ‘Girls’ on the Artist’s site.

Steph’s Instagram is a real treat for the eyes with her amazing and unusual portraiture.

It’s a refreshing approach to fashion photography and capturing the human form.

Steph Wilson Emoji Series,
Steph Wilson Emoji. Source

One of her most recent projects that she shared with her Instagram followers is her ‘EMOJI’ series for Dazed, where Wilson using real hearts, eggs, kittens and crystal balls censors her beautiful and thoughtful photographs to point out the absurdity of censorship on the internet.

Photo by Steph Wilson from the Series 'Girls' on the Artist's site.
Steph Wilson Emoji. Source

“The series was an idea that had been bubbling for a while. I remember seeing a stunning shot on Instagram taken by my good friend Eleanor Hadwick of her boyfriend, nude, on a cliff edge. His arse crack was censored with, what Elle coined, a “sparklefart” (the sparkle emoji). It made me laugh but also made me incredibly frustrated that such a striking, artistic image had been made into a farce. I wanted to play with that as a theme, and, for once, use emojis as censorship to my artistic advantage.” -Source

Steph Wilson Emoji. Source

12 photographs from ‘EMOJI’ can be seen on Wilson’s Instagram along with so many other dreamy images from our choice Artist this week!

Steph Wilson. Source