Instagram Pick of the Week | Louise Rowland

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This week, it’s Louise Rowland.

Louise Rowland

What is Instagram for you?

Instagram for me is an on-going thought process, that probably doesn’t always make sense, but someday it will. It’s a tool for me to document creative work and also discover amazing like-minded people. I’ve found so much inspiring work since joining and it motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing. Since graduating from NCAD last year, it can be hard sometimes being out of a creative environment all the time and I feel my Instagram account has helped me maintain momentum with my work wherever I am and whatever I’m doing.

Why/when did you decide to start sharing your work on there?

I set up an account for my illustrations in January 2017 so I’m only new to the game really. I decided to make a separate account from my personal one because I challenged myself to an illustration per day and maybe subconsciously, I wanted to start taking myself seriously as an illustrator. I saw Instagram as a small step in that direction and now I’m so glad I took it. I decided to to stop the worry of not being ‘good enough’ and just make work. I suppose that’s what I’ve been doing everyday since. 

Louise Rowland Instagram

How would you describe your style?

I’m all about abstract shapes, vivid colours eccentric patterns. I sometimes think of myself as a surrealist because my dreams are usually the starting point of the work that I make. I think this transcends usually thought farcical and absurd imagery. I began with a sharp, detailed way of drawing in college but I think I’m still only finding my feet with regards to a “style”. I’ve become much more free with my drawings in the last year and this excites me more than anything. 

Louise Rowland

What equipment do you use?

I begin everything in my notebook, always doodling or writing something in my spare time. Good quality paper is key. I like using fine liner pens and graphite pencils before scanning and vectorising my illustrations in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Then I play with colour and textures using my Wacom drawing tablet.

Louise Rowland

Who has been or currently is an influence on you?

Forever with my head somewhere in the clouds, artists like Joan Miró, Toulouse Lautrec and Salvador Dalí have been with me from the beginning. Then there’s Keith Haring, Wassily Kandinsky, George Seruat only but to name a few. Recently, contemporary artists and designers such as David Shirgley an Morag Myerscough I think have been a great influence on me.

Louise Rowland

What are your must-follow accounts on Instagram?

I love following accounts such as @theideafoundation and @nobrowpress and @thedesignfix for amazing work by different artists and designers everyday. I follow a lot of design studios such as @cococlia and @breadcollective and of course hundreds of fantastic artists and illustrators! I think there’s such an amazing online community of Irish artists and designers on social media at the moment and it’s something that I hope keeps on growing and that I continue to be a part of.

All images via Louise Rowland.