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Instagram Pick of the Week | Maser

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This week’s pick is Maser, Dublin artist known for his abstract street art. Maser has been blowing up, and has exciting work exhibiting all over the world that you can catch, on instagram @maserart

Maser Poster, Instagram pick of the week.
Maser Poster, Instagram pick of the week. Source
Maser art, Zurich
Maser, Installation in Zurich. ? by Markus Hulliger. Source

Maser is an artist  from Ireland. As early as 1995 under the moniker ‘Maser’, he began painting graffiti on the streets of Dublin, where he soon earned the respect of other graffiti artist for his unique abstracted style. After studying Visual Communication at Art School in his home city, he went on to establish himself as one of Ireland’s leading visual artist working in the urban environment. His works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasizing simplicity of form.

Maser Art London,
Maser Art in London. Source


Maser. Hallucinogen in Palais De Tokyo, Paris
Maser. Hallucinogen in Palais De Tokyo, Paris. Source

His large scale mural work and his collaborations with artists such as musician Damien Dempsey,  TED prize winner – JR, Conor Harrington, and Fintan Magee have won him notoriety not only in the graffiti world, but also have helped establish him in the contemporary art world.






In recent years his commercial work has allowed him explore new mediums and produce works not only on walls but now canvas, video and large scale 3D installations all over the world. In Fall 2014 he was invited as one of 11 selected artists to produce a film to accompany the songs on U2’s 13th studio album ‘Songs of Innocence’.

Maser Installation Smithfield Square Dublin
Maser Installation Smithfield Square Dublin. Source

Maser  has recently visited Moscow, Munich, Hamburg, Paris and London completing large-scale interactive installations in each city. In April he will exhibit at the prestigious Lazarides gallery in London.

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