OMGVIVLOLZ | A look into the world of Irish artist Viv Quinn

This week’s featured artist has been a long time coming here at HeadStuff. Glasgow-based Irish artist Viv Quinn has made us feel everything from “Hey, that’s funny, I thought that was just me” to”OMG YAAS QUEEEEEN”. Where we see a banana, Viv sees a world of possibility.

VIv Quinn is currently doing a Fine Art Masters in Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. Her art could be rated PG-13, considering its strong sexual overtones, and we just love it. Her dry sense of humour and witty observations are presented to us through illustrations, combined media, found objects and baked goods. Viv is serious about play.

Studying Fine Art Printmaking together at Limerick School of Art and Design I’ve had the pleasure of watching Viv’s artistic visions come to life, resulting in an outstanding Degree Show that set the tone for her work to come. At times, looking at Viv’s work, I have felt like I’ve been allowed a brief look inside her mind. Curious to know more, I asked her where she takes her inspirations. She told me they include “the crass mind of an immature teenage boy, bananas, cheap thrills, dramatics, making things overly complicated, and celebrations.” She added “making passive aggressive work to spite people.” Makes sense, really, when looking at her strangely beautiful condom art.

Viv’s interests lie in “play, iconography and what our modern relationship to worship is in a world becoming disconnected with religion.” She brings these interests together to form almost otherworldly and visually beautiful art we can’t stop staring at, as we look at the world from her perspective, all the while making us LOL.

With an aim to make interactive, inclusive and engaging work, Viv enjoys working in staging and drama. She has already worked with Urban Outfitters and Brown Thomas, and while the final result is always impressive, Viv, in typical form, describes her working styleviv as “gets up on ladders, glues stuff to other stuff, gets glitter everywhere.”

To keep up to date with her latest work, follow Viv here @furiouslydrawncocks.

Twenty nine mixed media arrows made up from 274 objects and one shoe. headstuff
Profannytease. Degree Show, LSAD, 2011

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Spoiled #condomart
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The Boy Done Good #bananaart
Badly Wrapped Kebab -
Badly Wrapped Kebab
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Work made for urban outfitters,
Work made for Urban Outfitters, inspired from an article about how Hopeless boys are at life.

Painting made for Urban Outfitters, inspired from an article read in Vice about how Hopeless boys are at life. -