Detail from Hell, 2004

The Exhibitionist|27|Beit-sized sales & Hell


This week’s news includes the sale of some Irish masterpieces, a guerilla protest at the Tate and a trip to Hell.

6 Adriaen van Ostade (1610-1685) Adoration of the Shepherds
6 Adriaen van Ostade (1610-1685) Adoration of the Shepherds 1667

First up, the Irish arts scene has been protesting this week about the sale of paintings from the Beit collection. The paintings are part of a large collection of artworks from the Russborough estate and have been stolen on a number of occasions, most famously by The General.  Five masterpieces, including two by Rubens, were left in trust for the benefit of the Irish people by Sir Alfred and Lady Beit. and a petition has been put together to halt the sale of these five paintings sent from Russborough for sale in London. However the Taoiseach has indicated that the sale may not go ahead;

The Government is examining “a range of options” surrounding the possibility of keeping paintings from the Beit collection in the country. Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the Arts Minister Heather Humphreys would meet with the chairperson of the Alfred Beit Foundation to discuss options. The move follows the decision of the foundation to sell a number of paintings at auction, including two which will be sold at Christie’s in London today. “The Trust is a private trust but there’s a very important consideration here that the Beit house and the Beit collection at Russborough House was left to the Irish people for their continuous enjoyment,” said Mr Kenny. He said there were “contractual matters” that he could not go into but the minister would discuss all options with the Foundation. “Clearly, a sale has been registered and signalled by the auction house and that’s a matter for consideration. So the minister will meet with the chairperson and discuss a range of possible opportunities that the wish of Alfred Beit and his good wife would be considered in the context of both the house and the paintings,” he added. (via Irish Independent)

1 Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Portrait of a bearded man, in three-quarter profile, bust-length, with a white collar and gold chains oil on oak panel, unframed 50.9x41.2cm Photo courtesy ©Christie’s images limited
1 Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Portrait of a bearded man, in three-quarter profile, bust-length, with a white collar and gold chains oil on oak panel, unframed 50.9×41.2cm Photo courtesy ©Christie’s images limited 2015

Activist art collective Liberate Tate completed a 25-hour unsanctioned performance inside Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall on Sunday, urging the institution to drop its sponsorship deal with BP, one of the world’s largest oil companies. Seventy-five black-clad protesters took part in the performance, entitled “Time Piece,” which began just before noon on Saturday. At roughly 8:45pm, Tate staff warned the performers that London police would be notified if they did not leave the gallery at the scheduled closing time of 10pm, but the group was eventually left alone and allowed to stay. The performance continued through the night as 20 of the 75 protesters stayed in the museum until Sunday afternoon.(via Hyperallergic)

Performers writing on the floor of the
Performers writing on the floor of the museum

Jake and Dinos Chapman talked to the Guardian about their huge sculpture Hell which took them two years to complete and which was destroyed in a fire at a Saatchi warehouse in 2004;

A lot of people seem to think Hell is about the Holocaust – but it’s the absolute inverse of that. It’s the Nazis who are being subjected to industrial genocide. Which means people aren’t actually looking at it.

Detail from Hell,
Detail from Hell, 2004

The idea came from chaos, the mess of our conversations, though we never really had anything to say. It’s the same idea over and over, regurgitated. We bought 60,000 toy soldiers, chopped them up, remodelled and recast them. Toy soldiers were the most inappropriate form we could think of, because they exist within the realm of play. Also, they rob death of its magnitude. We put the soldiers in nine vitrines then arranged them to form a swastika – that one was Hitler’s idea! Putting something behind glass escalates the level of voyeurism: you become implicated, just by the act of looking.(more at the Guardian)

Detail from Hell,
Detail from Hell, 2004



Tomasz Matsuszak at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre

May 08, 2015 12:09 pm

Not Quite Right
until 28 May 2015

Tomasz Matuszak’s work is a response to the surrounding reality or place of its making. Framed within a gallery and non-gallery context, Matuszak tries to find a foothold, some story, or a given condition, that initiates a new composition from the use of existing materials.  ‘I am always answering to the existing situation. Most of my works are site-specific and refer to a space (indoor or outdoor) and a social or political situation, which also becomes the space of the exhibition’ (Matuszak 2014).

In the exhibition ‘Not Quite Right’ Matuszak works with the repetition of forms found originally in the gallery architecture at Leitrim Sculpture Centre together with re-moulded objects taken from the surrounding landscape. This approach is a feature of the artist’s interest in the subject of ‘tautology’ and how the potential for something new or different might be realised from the repetition of what already exists.

New Line, Manorhamilton, Ireland
Further information:
T: 071 985 5098


Product Recall’ | Group Exhibition at Galway Arts Centre

May 26, 2015 03:55 pm

Product Recall

Curated by Anne Mullee
30 May – 4 July | Opening reception is 6pm on the 29th May 2015
Galway Arts Centre, 47 Lower Dominick Street, Galway

Damien Flood (IRL), Veronica Forsgren (SWE), Tom Watt (IRL), and Sarah Baker (USA)

Responding to the imagined ‘recall’ of an idea or a situation, Product Recall strives to eviscerate the meaning of the displaced, misfiring ‘product’; whether real or imagined, and explore the credo of material culture (gone bad).

Prompted by the protocols adopted by global conglomerations to retrieve products that could maim or even kill the consumer, Product Recall invites four artists to respond to the implications of the necessity to rescind an invitation to consume, buy, assimilate or adopt.

The predominately new work shown in this exhibition spans installation, video, paintings, drawings and performance, each in its own way considering the implications of a system gone askew, where accepted norms break down, transform and reorder themselves into that which may no longer function as initially intended. The collective ideations around the temporal world challenge the viewer to confront their own relationship with the object- product, the apparent crux of 21st century Western society.

Damien Flood is a painter based in Dublin. Using the notion of defunct belief systems he endeavours to look at the world anew and question the mundane and everyday around us. His paintings often have an unfinished, ephemeral quality. The body of work he has made for Product Recall is partly informed by a recent residency in Dubai, UAE, a glittering city created in the desert by the country’s ruling class.

Swedish artist Veronica Forsgren is also resident in Dublin. For this exhibition she explores the influential writings of Philip K. Dick, specifically his futuristic tale of off-the-shelf ‘experiences’ that can be bought and downloaded into the human brain (We Can Remember it for You Wholesale), on which the 1990 film Total Recall is based. Forsgren aims to create socially engaging pieces that encourage the audience to slow down and reflect, a tactic she refers to as “soft activism”.

American artist Sarah Baker lives in London, where her practice engages investigates interpersonal relationships between different castes of society, through scripted storytelling in video and images. Her protagonists are often gold diggers who have clambered to the highest echelons of the privileged classes. The iconic status of olfactive luxury, or perfume, is her focus here, with both the objectification of the scent bottle and the power of perfume explored through drawings, photography and a performative lecture.

Belfast-born artist Tom Watt deals with altering the existing architecture of a space, or temporarily assigning it a new function. For Product Recall he repurposes the first floor gallery of Galway Arts Centre, creating a vast ramp that bisects the space, creating a ‘negative space’ beneath, a potential site for a cache of recalled objects.

More here

Eva Ko?átková and Dominik Lang at Wexford Arts Centre

Jun 08, 2015 01:54 pm

15 June – 25 July
Wexford Arts Centre, Cornmarket, Wexford

In association with Project Arts Centre.

Wasteland will transform Wexford Arts Centre’s lower gallery into an absurd playground overflowing with salvaged objects, postal packages, sculptures and debris. Nestled amidst its poetic surrounds the story of the artists’ attempts to dismantle and relocate a public park to a new location also unfolds. This exhibition explores the institutional rules and regulations that pervade our lives, and what happens when things slip through the cracks. Wasteland marks the first collaboration between Czech artists Eva Kot’átková and Dominik Lang.

For further information on the exhibitions please contact Catherine Bowe, Visual Arts Manager on +353 (0)53 9123764 or email [email protected].

Fiona Marron at the Vintage and Antiques Centre, Clane, Co Kildare

Jun 08, 2015 10:47 am

Somewhere In-Between and Other Places
Until 28 June 2015 | Reception Sunday 14 June 3pm
Friday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

Somewhere In-Between and Other Places by Fiona Marron features new and old paintings. TV3 producer and presenter Jon Slattery is the special guest at the reception with music from renowned flautist Brian Dunning and songs from accomplished singer, Des Marron.
The artist will be available at the centre on Saturday  afternoons from 3pm to 5pm to talk about her work.
This event is free and all are welcome.


David Bickley at the Assembly Rooms, Carlow

May 29, 2015 04:04 pm

Rare Earth: Machines (2015) and Materials (2014)
Until  7 June
11am to 6pm

This exhibition is based on two landscape film artworks completed under Arts Council Project Awards over the last three years.

Materials uses pure natural terrain as the source material, married the artist’s own ambient score, to weave a story through the Irish landscape, shot through with subconscious motif: a seamless atmospheric journey that takes us from dawn to dusk and from birth to death.

Machines, the 2nd part of this series, is a more symbolically driven narrative that describes the mind of man as interfaced with the elemental forces of nature—a dialogue between man and nature. The River Barrow was used as a prime location in this film.

Further  information:


TransActions #1 Newspaper from the MA Socially Engaged Art at NCAD, Dublin

Jun 12, 2015 01:33 pm

Monday 15 June 6pm
TransActions is a new series of publications from the MA Socially Engaged Art at NCAD, Dublin and Stockyard Institute, Chicago to be launched by Ailbhe Murphy, Director, Create; the national agency for collaborative arts in Ireland at the School of Education in NCAD.

Taking Dublin and Chicago as two contemporary urban sites for exploration, TransActions #1 explores their physical, geographic and social fabric to unearth the core issues that face the two cities and practitioners working across a range of sectors in both locations. Taking the form of a newspaper, divided in two halves, the Dublin half of the newspaper has been curated by Fiona Whelan, joint Coordinator of the MA Socially Engaged Art (Further, Adult and Community Education) who has brought together the diverse voices of students, staff, artists, activists and lecturers from the first cycle of the MA. The essays, reflections and polemics represent a broad spectrum of positions within the Irish context, voices from inside and outside institutions which influence the cultural and pedagogical landscape of socially engaged art. Sitting side by side these contributions are read through the lens of the other, the combined Dublin-Chicago collection intending to operate as a cross-sectoral curriculum to stimulate conversations between individuals and organisations, institutions and cities.

TransActions #1 forms part of the first itteration of a new Resource Room for Socially Engaged Art, presented as part of the NCAD degree show, containing a range of learning artefacts from the first cycle of the MA SEA(FACE). The NCAD degree show is open to the public from Friday 12th June at 6pm and stays open until Sunday 21st June.

Further information:
E: [email protected]
School of Education, 2nd floor, Design Building, NCAD



NCAD Graduate Exhibitions 2015

Jun 10, 2015 02:19 pm

 NCAD 2015 Season of Exhibitions
Until 21st June 2015
Weekdays 10am to 8pm, Saturdays 10am to 5pm and Sundays 2pm to 5pm.

Students graduating from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) this year will be exhibiting their work at the college’s annual Graduate Show, running until Sunday, 21st June. The exhibition will take place across NCAD’s Campus, the adjoining John Street West building and the former Frawleys building. Works by Fine Art, Design & Education graduating students will be on display. The exhibition presents an opportunity for the leading designers and artists of the future to showcase their creative identities as they begin their professional careers. It’s also an opportunity for potential collectors, employers and innovators to spot the latest talent and for curious members of the public to see the newest trends in design and art.

Admission is free and all are welcome
NCAD Campus, 100 Thomas Street, the adjoining John Street West building, and the former Frawleys, 34 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.

Further information:
T: 01-636 4200 


‘Frawleys Special’ | NCAD MFA Exhibition 2015

Jun 05, 2015 03:43 pm

Frawleys Special
12 – 21 June | Opening: 12 June at 6pm
NCAD, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8

Opening Dates: 12th of June to 21st of June 2015, Frawley’s and NCAD Main Campus 10am – 8pm daily, Emmett House 2pm – 3pm

This year’s MFA show is opening on the 12th of June and takes place over 3 venues on Thomas Street. It includes MFA Fine Art Painting, Print and Sculpture, MFA Art in the Digital World and MFA Design. 5 students are showing on the NCAD Main Campus, 1 student is exhibiting in Emmett House, a little up the street, while the majority of the group are housed at Frawley’s Department Store, 36 Thomas Street. This old Dublin institution closed as a department store 8 years ago but is being reopened for this once off insertion of the student’s work.

Exhibiting artists are:

David Balfe, Ella Bertilsson, Craig Blackwell, Michelle Bourke-Girgis, Pat Byrne, Jaki Coffey, Bobby Comerford, Jo Conway, Lorraine Cross, Rebecca Devaney, Jane Glynn, Marco Gutierrez, Laura Healy, Pierre Jolivet, Sinead Keogh, Angela McDonagh, Philip McGuinness, Donna McLoughlin, Jules Michael, Sarah Mooney Wiegersma, Cecilia Moore, Stephen Morris, Chikere Ohoka, Rici Ni Chleirigh and Hussein Tai

‘Riddle of the Burial Grounds’ | Group Exhibition at the Project Arts Centre

Jun 05, 2015 11:26 am

Riddle of the Burial Grounds
Curator: Tessa Giblin
11 June – 1 August 2015 | Opening: 10 June
Venue: Gallery, Cube and Space Upstairs of Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Artists: Lara Almarcegui, Stéphane Béna Hanly, Rossella Biscotti, Simon Boudvin, Matthew Buckingham, Mariana Castillo Deball, Dorothy Cross, Regina de Miguel, Harun Farocki, Peter Galison & Robb Moss, Tracy Hanna, Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow, Nicholas Mangan, Tejal Shah

Over two black box theatres and a gallery, Riddle of the Burial Grounds brings together artworks which measure themselves against geological and human time. They are artworks that give speculative forms and images to periods, epochs and eras: vast, unknowable expanses of time that help us to look outside of ourselves and the worlds we inhabit and, in so doing, attempt to stretch the possibilities of human imagination. Artists have situated works in or around various unique subjects: man-made ruins and extraordinary natural phenomena; excavated sites and empty-bellied mines; language and its limits; burial, ritual, forecasting, futures and radioactivity; interspecies hybridity; climate change, wastelands and wildernesses.

Riddle of the Burial Grounds will be formally opened by Sheila Pratschke, Chairperson of the Arts Council, on Wednesday 10 June.

Descriptions of artworks and further text about the exhibition from the curator:

‘Matisse: Drawing with Scissors’ Exhibition at dlr LexIcon

Jun 02, 2015 02:28 pm

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors
5 June – 4 July
Municipal Gallery, dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
dlr Gallery Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 10.00am – 8pm, Fri & Sat 10.00am – 5.00pm

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is delighted to present Matisse–Drawing with Scissors at Municipal Gallery, dlr LexIcon.

This stunning exhibition will open to the public on Friday 5th June. The French painter, sculptor and designer Henri Matisse (1868-1954) was one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. His vibrant works are celebrated for their extraordinary richness and luminosity of colour, his spectacular paper cut-outs were his final triumph.

Matisse: Drawing with Scissors, is a Hayward Touring exhibition from the Southbank Centre London which features 35 reproduction lithographic prints of the famous cut-outs that Matisse produced in the last four years of his life, when confined to his bed. It includes many of his iconic images, such as The Snail and the Blue Nudes.

To complement the exhibition, artist Helen Barry will be creating an artistic hub in the Project Room beside the Gallery. This Hub will be designed to enhance visitors’ response to the exhibition whilst offering lots of inspiring and creative activities for families and children of all ages to enjoy.

Web: for a full programme of events.


IADT Art Graduation Exhibition

Jun 02, 2015 09:49 am

5 – 10 June | Opening: 5 June at 5.30pm
Quadrangle Building, IADT, Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

You are invited to the Graduate Exhibition of students from IADT’s Visual Arts Practice. Our opening reception is on the 5th of June from 5.30 – 9pm and the show continues untill the 10th of June to the public.

Opening Dates & Times: Friday 5th June 17:30 – 21:00, Saturday 6th June 12:00 – 16:00, Sunday 7th June Closed, Monday 8th June 14:00 – 20:00, Tuesday 9th June 14:00 – 20:00, Wednesday 10th June 14:00 – 20:00.


‘Lift Off’ | DIT Graduate Show 2015

May 29, 2015 02:50 pm

lift-offLift Off
5 – 13 June | Opening: 5 June at 6pm

The Dublin School of Creative Arts at DIT invites you to discover the work of the graduates of 2015. This exhibition showcases work from Fine Art, Visual Communication, Interior & Furniture Design, Product Design, Visual & Critical Studies, Photography and Visual Merchandising.

Lift Off opens on Friday June 5th at 6pm and runs until Saturday June 13th at 5pm, opening daily from 12-7pm (closed Sundays).,110526,en.html



May 28, 2015 03:05 pm

4 – 14 June
IMMA, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Military Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Following the hugely successful first edition of the summer festival in 2014, IMMA announces programme details of SUMMER RISING in 2015 with a 10 day line-up of events for all ages from Thursday 4 to Sunday 14 June 2015.

Taking place throughout the galleries, gardens and grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, day and night, SUMMER RISING is a celebration of art, food, music and live performance. Opening on June 4 with summer exhibitions by Canadian artist Stan Douglas and Lebanese artist Etel Adnan, SUMMER RISING includes:

The IMMA SUMMER PARTY (Saturday 6 June, 8pm till late, tickets €15), an evening of food and cocktails, live outdoor performances, music and DJ sets as the sun goes down, including: In the Silence of the night, curated by Mary Cremin, live outdoor performances by Dorit Chrysler on theremin, interventions by artists Ruth Proctor and Lee Welch, spoken word performances by Ella De Burca, Sarah Jones and Dimitra Xidous; music curated by Peter Maybury (Thread Pulls) & Dennis McNulty includes Rainfear, Das DJ, Press Charges (Sunken Foal), Simon Conway and Ellll; and food & cocktails by Concrete Tiki (Michelle Darmody of The Cake Cafe and artist Fiona Hallinan) with offerings by Designgoat, Fish Shop and K Chido Mexico.

GARDEN RISING on Saturday 6 June and Sunday 14 June, (12noon to 5pm), a free daytime programme for all ages in IMMA’s stunning gardens, with food workshops, artist talks, performances and family-friendly activities, including:
A specially commissioned theatre performance by THEATREclub; artist Stan Douglas in conversation with curator Seamus Kealy; interactive art installations by Ed Devane, Joe Coveney and Slavek Kwi; family-friendly workshops where you can create your own Edible Gingerbread Canvas and Food Fanzines from family recipes with Cliodhna Prendergast of Breaking Eggs; forage in the IMMA meadow to make herbal tea mixtures with Freda Wolfe of Intelligent Tea and Wild Irish Foods; learn about fermenting and preserving foods with April Danaan; butchery workshop with Joe Rumburger; garden tours, critical talks and more.

For those who are peckish, Concrete Tiki (Michelle Darmody of Cake Café and artist Fiona Hallinan) have created pre-bookable lunch PICNIC BINDLES (€25) to enjoy at Garden Rising, featuring a selection of great Irish food, beautifully and thoughtfully presented with help from artists Tuomey, Williams & Watt and Arran Street East.

CONCRETE TIKI RAZING (Sunday 14 June, 6.30-10pm, tickets €20), A party in the gardens of IMMA, curated by Concrete Tiki (Michelle Darmody and Fiona Hallinan), to mark the end of the SUMMER RISING festival, including a welcoming cocktail by Domestic Godless and a South Indian feast by Madina followed by handmade nougat, wild tea, drinks and dancing the evening away around the tiki.

Other SUMMER RISING events include Happenings pop-up outdoor cinema in the IMMA meadow on 12 June, Mornings at the Museum family workshops on 10 and 11 June, Summer Camp for teens 9-11 June, and much much more.

Day-time events free. Tickets from €15.00 for food and night-time events. Full programme and ticketing details at


Joe Scullion & Sinéad Onóra Kennedy at Talbot Gallery & Studios: Closing Event

May 28, 2015 02:15 pm

Invitation: Closing Event Wednesday 3rd June 6pm – 8pm
Talbot Gallery & Studios, 51 Talbot St, Dublin

The drawings in this exhibition are the result of a collaborative project that Kennedy and Scullion have been undertaking for the past two months at the Talbot Gallery & Studios.

The Incubator Residency Series at Talbot Gallery & Studios provides a platform for research, development of interdisciplinary collaboration. Following on from previous work the exhibition marks a new development in the artists’ practices as they have begun to work (or interfere) directly on each other’s drawings. The process is largely experimental, with no particular rules or plans both work in turn individually before handing the drawing to the other for completion. They have no say in what the other does, they simply reinterpret each other’s efforts, this inevitably results in them straying from the others original intention. These precise but ambivalent drawings seem to suggest fictitious worlds, worlds inherently split between multiple viewpoints, two-dimensionality and the three dimensionality. Within these spaces appear impossible structures, infinite graphics and anthropomorphic absurdities that evade any conclusive definition. While the finished drawings vary from being balanced and harmonious to being awkward and conflicting, there is always a sense of playfulness and spontaneity.

The Incubator Residency Series at Talbot Gallery & Studios In collaboration with Foundation15 Arts Festival have awarded Joe Scullion and Sinéad Onóra Kennedy an opportunity to exhibit work at Foundation15 Arts Festival alongside ten works selected from the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s collection and 40 other Irish and international visual artists.

‘FITTER, HAPPIER, MORE PRODUCTIVE’ | Group Exhibition at the Source Arts Centre

Jun 08, 2015 02:41 pm

Curated by Annette Moloney
Exhibition continues until Thursday 28 June 2015
Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co. Tipperary
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10:00-17:00 and Saturday 14:00-17:00

FITTER, HAPPIER, MORE PRODUCTIVE is the first fixture in a yearlong programme titled ‘ENDURANCE | RESILIENCE’, a Curated @ Source project which explores the links between sport and human effort in contemporary art.

The exhibition includes the installation of a functional climbing wall made from re-purposed school desks; drawings based on long distance open water swimming; and performance work using familiar gym equipment.

Featuring work by artists: Dan Shipsides, Roisín Lewis, Debbie Guinnane

Some Background Info: During 2015 the Visual Art programme at the Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co. Tipperary is collaborating with artists who explore how and why individuals and communities get involved in regular physical training and endurance sports, where human effort can act as a metaphor for surviving times of economic or personal uncertainty.

ENDURANCE | RESILIENCE is made possible through an Arts Council of Ireland Curator in Residence Award at The Source Arts Centre, and is developed in partnership with Tipperary County Council, North Tipperary Sports Partnership and South Tipperary Sports Partnership.



Alé Mercado at Cork Community Printshop

Jun 12, 2015 01:41 pm

Until June 28 2015

Open Weekends 1 to 6pm
Creating his illustrations from pen and digital work, Alé Mercado has developed a strong personal style. Dark and witty, his work is merged with the screen and woodblock printing processes. For this exhibition, Alé Mercado presents his latest pieces inspired by cult films, German expressionist cinema but also the medieval dark ages.

Further information:

The Project Twins at Sternview Gallery

Jun 10, 2015 02:23 pm

Sticky Thoughts
11 June – 4 July
Sternview Gallery entry via Nash 19 Restaurant and Food Shop, 19 Princes Street, Cork
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am – 4pm, Saturdays 8:30am – 4pm (Closed Sundays).

Sticky Thoughtsis a collection of new prints and paintings by The Project Twins. Humour, irony and wit pervade their work while bold and playful graphics explore ideas of absurdity, identity and curiosity. Their use of minimal forms and bold shapes, rooted in the visual language of graphic design and semiotics, result in work that appears to directly communicate while also retaining a sense of ambiguity.

The Project Twins are James and Michael Fitzgerald, a Cork based art and design duo. They create playful and graphic work across a broad range of disciplines including illustration, design, print-making, painting and three-dimensional work.

Selected exhibitions include: More Than One Maker, Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin, 2015; Neutral, TULCA @ 126 Gallery, Galway, 2014; Stellar, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, 2014; Deception & Sacrifice, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, 2014; Extinction, ‘Making Space Residency’, The Library Project, Dublin, 2013; Living/Loss: The Experience of Illness in Art, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, 2012.


‘Between Seeing and Blindness’ | Group Exhibition at TACTIC

Jun 10, 2015 10:59 am

Between Seeing and Blindness
Curated by Billy Dante
18 June – 2 July | Opening: 18 June at 7pm
TACTIC Gallery, SampleStudios, Former Government Building, Sullivans Quay, Cork.

This show brings together the worlds of literature and visual art. In an attempt to heighten the sensation of art by way of a void, both disciplines will be placed within the one space. Creating a dialogue between the audio and the visual, the written and the drawn, Between Seeing and Blindness creates an overall experience for the viewer. The concept behind the exhibition springs from the critical writings that Samuel Beckett made about painting and art. The influence that painting had over his writing and how in a circular motion, his writing became not only works of literature but pure ‘art’. They are pieces which are neither restricted to the gallery or the stage or the page. The exhibitions title is derived from a quote by Peggy Phelan, made when she was describing Samuel Beckett’s fascination with art, ‘Beckett dramatized the rhythm of looking. This rhythm… oscillates between seeing and blindness, between figuration and abstraction, between the void at the centre of sight and the contour of the slender ridge that brooks it’.

Mid-way through the running of the exhibition (26th of June @6pm), there will be a further afternoon of artist’s talks and poetry readings.

Participating Visual Artists: Billy Dante, Richard Proffitt, Billy Childish, Terence Birch, Kevin O’Shea, Helen Horgan, Colm O’Brien, Femke Vandenberg, David Mathúna, Bren Smyth, Mark Buckeridge, Mariah Black, John Dwyer, Joseph Keating,

Participating Poets: Lewis Kenny, Seamus Barra Ó Súilleabháin, Cathal Holden, Alicia Byrne Keane, William Wall, Paul Casey, Victoria Kennefick, Orla Travers

For further details please contact Billy Dante at [email protected]



MART @ Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015

Jun 12, 2015 12:01 pm

June 18-28th
MART is delighted to announce it is representing Ireland at PQ 2015 in the Countries & Regions Section. The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is the largest scenography event in the world that explores a wide range of scenographic practices from stage design and costume design to lighting design, sound design and new scenographic practices such as site-specific, applied scenography, urban performance, costume as performance.

On the themes of weather and technology, Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan (MART) have curated a sensory, participatory environment Activating Affective Atmospheres. Working alongside Visual Artists: Brian Duggan and Stephanie Golden | Composer: Tom Lane | Critic/Historian: Siobhan O’Gorman and Producer: Noelia Ruiz.

Countries and Regions Section, Room B10, First Floor, Clam-Gallas Palace, Husova Street 20, Prague 1

Further information:
E: [email protected]