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What’s on | August

August is here, see our top picks of visual arts events this month around the country!

Dublin Live Art Festival 2016 | MART, Rathmines | 10 to 14 August 2016

Taking place over five days and nights in MART, an artist-led, self-sustaining organisation for the development and promotion of contemporary art, Dublin Live Art Festival 2016 (DLAF16) will immerse you in this intriguing site and fascinating art form.

Our theme for this year’s Dublin Live Art Festival 2016 is the Politics of Freedom and we have invited artists whose work has a political edge to it, to take part and to present pieces that deal with the subject of freedom and the limitations put on us. We will have artists responding to ideas around race, queer and feminist politics as well as workshops and events to explore ideas of protest, otherness and being outside the box.

In this year of the centenary of our own Rising as well as international political instability and Brexit, our DLAF16 artists will investigate concepts of  “the personal is political” to reflect the unrepresented through live art and our connections between personal experience and larger social and political structures.

What's on | August '16 MART headstuff.org
What’s on | August ’16 MART

Our DLAF16 artists will include, Harold Offeh (Uganda/ UK), Lena Simic (Croatia), Jelili Atiku (Nigeria), Julieann O’Malley (UK), Vickey Curtis (Ireland), Poppy Jackson (UK) as well as more fascinating artists to be confirmed.

See dublinliveartfestival.com for more details as they are released.

Email:[email protected] | Website:www.mart.ie

Fear by Peachy Dublin | Temple Bar Gallery | 19 August to 21 August

Peachy Dublin are delighted to present ‘Fear’ in conjunction with the Ana Liffey Drug Project, taking place on August 19th – August 21st across all four floors of The Temple Studios.
The premise of the exhibition is about fear in our society and prevalence of it in the last year. We want to explore the multitude of variants it poses in our society financially, socially and mentally.
Our goal is to display multidisciplinary pieces from various Irish artists on the topic and showcase a beautiful exhibition of the vast topic and the manifestation of it in people’s lives in 2016.
Much like our exhibition last year, the public are drivers of this project. We left out our signature Peachy box in various locations around Dublin and allowed the public to submit their fears.
Once all the thoughts were collected we distributed them to artists and they will be responding to them in their respective art forms.
All pieces will be available to buy with a percentage of each sale going to The Ana Liffey Drug Project. Find out more about their work at :http://www.aldp.ie/

More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/1779004965651389/

Fear by Peachy Dublin, What's on August headstuff.org
Fear by Peachy Dublin, What’s on August

DIA DHUIT | The MART Gallery | Preview Thursday 18 August 6-8pm | Runs 18 August – 3 September

Bram Mottiar | Jack Marmion | Christina Roche | Janice Harrington | Geoff Quin | Rachel Doyle | Sean O’Rourke | Stephen Burke

DIA DHUIT is a group exhibition featuring eight young emerging Irish artists. After recently taking part in the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) Graduate showcase, this is the artists’ first foray into the contemporary art world completely independent of an educational institution.

The title Dia Dhuit, the Gaelic translation of ‘Hello’, is a reflection on this first step being taken by a new generation of Irish creators and an act of introduction on their part. Despite a variety of mediums and themes being used across the artists, their work all stems from painting and print practices, linked by a concern with texture, colour and various aspects of the conditions of modern urban and suburban life.

After the critical response and strength of the work displayed by these individuals at their recent graduate show, Dia Dhuit promises to be an exciting demonstration of what these young artists are going to do next.

What's on | August '16 MART headstuff.org
What’s on | August ’16 MART

Email:[email protected] | Website:www.mart.ie

Travelling Tea Party | Tricia O’Connor at Collis Sandes House Tralee | 13 August

What's on August | Tricia O'Connor headstuff.org
What’s on August | Tricia O’Connor

The ‘Travelling Tea Party’ in Collis Sandes House from 3.30-5pm. In this series of teaparties Tricia O’Connor aims to promote a dialogue around the Repeal of the 8th Amendment and Abortion Rights in Ireland. Both Pro Life and Pro Choice views are welcome. At each teaparty Tricia records the conversations and extracts from each conversation are printed onto the inside of each teacup. By doing so, each teaparty gets to eavesdrop on the previous conversation. By recording the conversations on the teacups Tricia O’Connor also aims to create an archive of Men and Women’s lived experience of the issues surrounding Abortion Rights In Ireland. Both Pro Life and Pro Choice views are welcome.


To Book contact Tricia on 0851144700 or email [email protected]
triciaoconnor.weebly.com | €7 entry fee

Collis Sandes House, Killeen, Tralee, Co. Kerry

In Support | Andreas Kindler von Knobloch at Mermaid Arts Centre | 22 July to 3 September

Andreas-Kindler-von-Knobloch2Andreas’ practice is focused on ideas of conviviality and participation through the creation of structures and installations referencing utopian ideals and collective environments. Andreas has both a collaborative and individual practice. His most recent work looks at cooperation and the negotiations inherent in support systems. This work is driven by the questions; what does it mean to offer support? How can we know that what we are offering is beneficial? And, is support something we give because we care or because we seek integration?In this exhibition Andreas will present new work which focuses on a series of support structures that highlight the negotiations inherent in the act of giving and receiving support. Using materials often overlooked in our architectural environment, he makes visible the infrastructure that supports our everyday lives. With this new work he is urging us to consider what is being supported.

Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow
T: 01 2724030
E: [email protected]
W: mermaidartscentre.ie

Sticks and Stones Will Break Our Bones | Seanie Barron and Quim Packard at Limerick City Gallery | 28 July to 4 September

MicheleThe exhibition explores ideas of nature and folklore and the many stories accruing from impassioned involvement. For decades, Seanie Barron has been carving and shaping wood in a workshop at the back of his house in Plunkett Road in Askeaton. Initially, his work might be labelled as folk art, yet on further inspection it becomes apparent that his work is instead borne out of an understanding of nature and often-humorous interpretations of the environment around him. He roams around Askeaton, looking for the right branch in a field or underneath a bush, to then shape into a walking stick. These often take on surreal forms referencing seahorses, aliens, weasels, foxes or swimmers. At LCGA he presents a selection of walking sticks, fishing priests and smoking pipes, many exhibited for the first time.Curated by Michele Horrigan

To see this year’s schedule, please consult www.askeatonarts.com

Limerick City Gallery
Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick
T: (061) 310 633
E: [email protected]
W: gallery.limerick.ie

Dazzle: Dissolution | Robert Platt Solo exhibition |The Burren College of Art Gallery | 11 August to 24 September 

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 11th6-8 | Live music by Adam McCartney 7:30pm
What's on August | The Burren College of Art headstuff.org
What’s on August | The Burren College of Art

In his first exhibition in Ireland, artist Robert Platt introduces viewers to a dynamic space exploring perspective, optics and the haptic as an agent in the formation of space and vision. Platt invites a complex and elusive meditation on the dialectics of landscape and vision that are not always revealed at first sight. ‘Dazzle: Dissolution’ presents a dynamic confluence of architectural installation, performance, razzle-dazzle murals, paintings, moving image, and the mediated reality of optical filters.

Visitors will experience a hypnotizing multidimensional way of looking that is not singular but contextual and responsive. In the world of simulacra, simulation and virtuality, our obligation as artists is to remind and provide us with a touchstone of the real in our understanding of the perceived world. The theme of a disruptive camouflage site suggests a fluid and mutable arena for ideas and representation that are both hidden and revealed. This strategy of hide and seek suggests play but at the same time alludes to the oppressive dynamics of the gaze and contemporary spectatorship. The multiple shifts between substance and virtuality bring viewers a new awareness of the physiological and phenomenological experience of seeing. Platt’s diverse approach to creative practice explores a range of potential meanings of vision and landscape and the dialectics of visibility and invisibility, passage and obstruction that make up the enigmatic pleasures and meanings of our interaction in the built, natural and virtual environment.

Robert Platt received his MA in painting from The Royal College of Art (2001) and a PhD at Kyoto City University of Arts 2010. His interdisciplinary approaches to the expanded field of painting draw on cave exploration, optics and neuroaesthetics in his approach to forging pluralistic representations and perception of the built and natural environment. He currently lives and works in Michigan and teaches at the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design (more: www.robert-platt.com).

www.burrencollege.ie | ph: (0)65 7077200