#15 | Health, Herbs & Home Cooking: The Little Green Spoon & Lorna Mauney-Brodek

On episode 15 of the podcast, Harry and Aoife aim to take the sting out of the remaining few days left in January with the first annual With Relish health kick. Whether you are sick, broke or just feeling down, this edition of the show aims to boost your body mind and spirit with some stellar advice from this week’s guests as we look at Health, Herbs & Home Cooking.

To kick things off, the guys are joined by Indy Power, author of The Little Green Spoon book and website. Indy chats to Harry and Aoife about her passion for home cooking and eating guilt free. Harry and Aoife also revisit their guilty food pleasures in all their glory.

Finally, Lorna Mauney-Brodek of Herbalista and The Dublin Herb Bike came in to speak to the guys about the un-mystical and very scientific powers of herbal medicine. For anyone feeling under the weather, this is one’s a must listen.

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Artwork by Taz Kelleher
Music By Tadhg O’Sullivan
Produced by Ian Doyle