#22 | The Regionality of Pizza: Daniel Young & Village Pizza Dublin

On episode 22 of With Relish, Harry and Aoife take a look into the world’s favourite snack food, pizza. From it’s debatable origins, to Dublin’s current love affair, the guys delve deep into the heart of what makes pizza, pizza in this mouth watering episode.

Daniel Young, joins on the line from London, where he speaks about the origins and history behind pizza, as well as dissecting the many regional varieties of the pie. Daniel is one of the world’s leading experts on the dish, having written the 576 page global guide ‘Where To Eat Pizza” in 2016. He can also be found wandering the streets of Naples, giving his world famous Neapolitan Pizza Tours of the city.

Village Pizza Dublin - HeadStuff.org
Aoife, Marek and Harry – With Relsih

Finally the guys are joined in studio by Marek Przekwaz one of Dublin’s finest pizzaiolos. Having previously worked in the Fumbally, Marek turned his attention to Neapolitan style pizza helping to start the wonderful Dublin Pizza Company back in 2016. Two years on, Marek has began his own venture with Village Pizza Dublin, a pop up restaurant in The Belfry Pub in Stoneybatter. During the interview he speaks about the pitfalls of authenticity, his spy mission to Naples, and the work behind creating a successful pop-up restaurant