#23 | How The Internet Has Changed The Way We Eat: Aoife McElwain

This week on With Relish, Harry and Aoife explore one of life’s greatest conundrums:

Is the internet the absolute best, or is it a load of crap?

Well here is a plot spoiler… When it comes to food, it is probably somewhere in between, and that is what this episode is all about.

Friend of the show and online food loving veteran Aoife McElwain joins us in studio to discuss the pros and cons of the world wide web, and how it has changed the way we eat, see and think about food. Aoife speaks about her early days as a blogger, the dangers of social media, how it is impacting what we see on our plate, and much much more.

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Aoife, Aoife McElwaine and Harry

Check out Aoife’s fab 1st book; Slow At Work – How to work less, achieve more and regain your balance in an always-on world.