#17 | Asia Market Delights & Harry’s Thai Travels

With Relish #17 | Asia Market Delights & Harry’s Thai Travels

On this week’s episode of With Relish, Harry and Aoife yet again embark on a trip outside the walls of HeadStuff HQ in search of an insight into the Orient, but also mainly dumplings.

To mark the middle of the Chinese New Year Festival 2018, the guys headed to the familiar surroundings of Dublin’s Asia Market on Drury St, which has been a staple for Ireland’s Asian community since 1981. We chat with Director of Business Development Eva Pau, whose father started the business after emigrating from Hong Kong. Originally developed to cater for Ireland’s Chinese takeaway restaurants in the 80s, we see how the business and its clientele has progressed over the past 27 years. Eva also talks the guys through some of the many traditions associated with Chinese New Year while taking a browse through the aisles.

We also begin the program by catching up with Harry, who was fresh off the plane from a visit to the South of Thailand. Harry spills the beans on some sub-par food, the 7/11 takeover and Southern Thailand’s Middle-Eastern influences.

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Artwork by Taz Kelleher
Music By Tadhg O’Sullivan
Produced by Ian Doyle