#5 | Klaw, Ireland’s Salmon Crisis and Pairing Wine With Fish.

Episode 5 of With Relish brings us to the seaside as Harry, Aoife and Ian try to unravel some of the many mysteries surrounding our island’s strange relationship with seafood.

Billy Smith speaks to the guys about the ongoing problems with Ireland’s farmed salmon industry and how it’s affecting all of the country’s fish stocks. Millie Powell from Fish Shop in Smithfield dropped in to speak with us about some interesting ways to pair wine with fish and why we should be chilling our Reds! Finally Niall Sabongi of Klaw and Rock Lobster joins us In The Kitchen to speak about growing up with the sea at his doorstep and his families routes in the Irish Food Industry.

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Artwork by Taz Kelleher
Music By Tadhg O’Sullivan

Produced by Ian Doyle