#12 | The Service Industry & A Restaurant’s Engine

The Service Industry & A Restaurant’s Engine: Georgina Campbell, Joaquin Hernandez and Luna

This week on With Relish, Harry and Aoife explored the lesser talked about roles that play a part in running a successful restaurant. With our 12th edition of the pod being a Chef free zone, you may wonder where the conversation around food is going to come from?

Fear not, dear listeners. This episode features a wide array of opinion and characters looking at the Front of House and Back of House in the restaurant setting.

Food writer Georgina Campbell joins us to speak about the slipping standards of the service industry here in Ireland. With Georgina Campbell’s Guide to Ireland now on its 12th edition, there are few people in the country as well versed to speak about the Irish dining experiences than her.

Joaquin Hernandez, a kitchen porter and co-worker of Harry and Aoife at the Fumbally cafe spoke to the guys on what really goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant. Having migrated from Mexico, he gives an account of his experience so far, living in Ireland and working in the restaurant industry.

Finally we were joined by the wonderful Jane Kupen and Declan Maxwell of Luna in D2. With a host of awards to their name for outstanding service, we dig deep in finding out what the magic trick is to running a successful service.

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