#10 | Beer: A Walk Around The 5 Lamps, Ireland’s Future Brewers & Eight Degrees Brewing

It was a tough week at HeadStuff HQ for the With Relish team, as Harry and Aoife were given the mundane task of researching The Irish Beer Industry. Meeting brewers, drinking beer and getting a hands-on lesson as how to make the aforementioned beer were just some of the exploits they had the misfortune of enduring. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it…

Our beer extravaganza begins with an on-site tour of The 5 Lamps Brewery with their Head Brewer, William Harvey. William talks us through the brewing process at The 5 Lamps from the beginning all the way to the bottling line. We also get an insight into his career in the industry across three decades.

Marie Byrne from Chinnery Spirits dropped into studio to speak to us about her involvement in creating DIT’s first ever brewing and distilling degree. Marie also gives us the low-down as to why Ireland’s future breweries can expect to see more women in the workplace.

Finally we are joined by Cam Wallace and Scott Baigent of Eight Degrees Brewing for this weeks edition of In The Kitchen. The guys tell their story as to how they managed to turn a hobby into one of the country’s leading craft breweries.

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Artwork by Taz Kelleher
Music By Tadhg O’Sullivan
Produced by Ian Doyle