#3 | The Good the Fad and The Ugly: Sceal Bakery, Aoife McElwain & Diet Do’s and Don’ts

On this episode of With Relish, the guys take a look into the bizarre and strange world of eating trends and food fads with Aoife McElwain while trying to discover whether they are a positive or a negative for the food industry. Harry is away in Mexico, but producer Ian was there to make his With Relish debut alongside Aoife as usual.

Aoife McElwain of Forkful.tv and The Irish Times joined the discussion to discuss some of her favourite food trends of the past number of years, as well as her pet peeves on the matter. Brendan, a HSE dietician for the Peamount Healthcare unraveled some of the myths surrounding fad diets and what we should be putting into our bodies and Shane and Charlotte from Sceal bakery joined us as our first ever couple for this weeks edition of In The Kitchen, where we got to learn about their passion for sourdough as well as one and other.

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Artwork by Taz Kelleher
Music By Tadhg O’Sullivan

Produced by Ian Doyle