#4 | Migration and Food: The Dead Rabbit NYC, Ramadan in Ireland & The History of The Chipper

On this episode of With Relish, we look at the theme of migration and how pivotal a role food can play in a person’s experience of being away from home. To begin the show, Harry and Aoife took a trip to The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland to experience the first Iftar of Ramadan with some of the Mosques worshipers and employees. They got to sample a delicious mixture of international dishes while meeting some extremely interesting people in the process.

Dario Macari of Romayos Diner came in studio to give the guys a history lesson on The Irish Chipper, Chain migration and of course The perfect chip. Finally on this week’s edition of In The Kitchen, Ian got the opportunity speak to Jack McGarry owner of The Dead Rabbit NYC  a.k.a. The World’s Best Bar. Having left Belfast at the age of 23, Jack speaks frankly about the difficulties of living away from home as well as the future of the bar industry in Ireland and abroad.

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Artwork by Taz Kelleher
Music By Tadhg O’Sullivan

Produced by Ian Doyle
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