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The Monday Echo will be gathering in the Mezz on the 17th, as they do every Monday, for an evening of music and spoken word performance.

Ó Bhéal will be assembling in the Long Valley pub on Winthrop Street for their own evening of spoken word performances. This week’s guests are Scott Jamison, Stephen Connolly and Manuela Moser.


The Imram Irish Literature Festival is ongoing with events in the Smock Alley Theatre and MacGrattan’s. Full details are available on their website.

The Dublin Theatre Festival is also wrapping up this weekend with a few performances continuing into the weekend.


During the week, the Liberties Press announced a new submissions model whereby paid submissions would be given priority. The move has drawn significant criticism, with many citing potential advantages inherent in the system for those who can afford to avail of the service. The Liberties Press also draws public funding from the Arts Council.

A new publication entitled the Erotic Review has established a Good Sex in Fiction award to counter the now infamous Bad Sex in Fiction Award. The move comes amid fears the latter award will dissuade writers from writing about sex altogether. “Pornography is flooding the internet… We need a safe pair of hands to act as a filter for all of us.” Maria Frostrup, editor of a collection of erotic stories, remarked the The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.


The 3Elements Review is seeking submissions in Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry until the end of the month.

The Felt, a poetry, prose and visual art magazine is accepting submissions until the end of the week.

The Twitterary Review

This week on Twitter, the Lit Review has been doing some investigative work…

It pays to be open minded on holiday.

Headstuff’s own Eoin Rogers has been branching out into graphic fiction.

Exciting stuff from the Winter Pages.

‘John Banville’ doesn’t care whose team you’re on.

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