Lit Review |86| Bob Dylan has no Voicemail

“Everything is broken.”

Apart from the Lit Review!


This week Bob Dylan is laying low. CNN are reporting that the Nobel Prize Committee are having trouble tracking Dylan down in order to award him his cash prize.

For now at least the committee have stopped trying. It’s only fifty one weeks until they get to deliberate again. Whatever. It’s fine.

Dylan Missing
“He knows about us being eager having confirmation from him, but we haven’t heard anything back.” Nobel Prize Committee.

All of the relevant information has been passed onto Dylan’s manager, who is under strict instructions to play it cool. It seems until Phillip Roth learns the harmonica, Bob can afford to kick back. In the meantime, we can only speculate.


Perhaps he’s in shock, having never really backed himself for the prize. Or disappointed that he didn’t literally put a few bob on himself.

Each year, the Nobel Committee selects 15-20 preliminary candidates from around 350 proposals. These are then whittled down to five, all under cover of night.

This doesn’t prevent Ladbrokes from releasing odds on the prize on an annual basis. But what are the criteria? Alex Donohue, a spokesperson for the firm, tells us its all ‘very simple.’ All you needs is knowledge of the field and a background in Mathematics.

In other news Anthony Horowitz has written a new Alex Rider novel for Walker Books, even though he said the series was over.

The Lit Review’s guess it that it’s set in the complex world of air traffic control.

Might have been a slow day in said office.

Graham Norton was on BBC Radio Four last week. When asked about what motivated him to write Holding, he referred to the fact that most novels remain unfinished. ‘If you finish your novel, its one of the best in the world.’ he’d been told. Well, with friends like that.


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