Poem of The Week | And Then Some by Jamie Stedmond

And Then Some

By Jamie Stedmond

You’ve got an incredible memory!
You hardly forget anything these days,
even then, you’re always finding new things;
digging them up and rediscovering.
To some it would seem that you’re becoming
a bit of a hoarder, yes it’s getting
harder and harder, buying your birthday
gifts now that you’ve amassed such a stash;
It’s getting harder and harder to build
buildings when the base is a billion other buildings,
to not be overwhelmed, identifying details
when they’re a marching mob of nesting dolls…
I get this feeling lately,
when reading ancient texts –
then groupchat texts –
this dreadful feeling:
that all of history is happening at once and
I wonder would it be wrong but freeing,
to forget a little something, sometime,

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash