#44 | Duolingo – New Rules

Your ex – the one who doesn’t like you as much as you like them and knows it – sends a “you up?” text at 11.32pm. Should you not pick up the phone… or, instead of replying, why not practice your Irish on Duolingo instead?

The popularity of Duolingo’s Irish course flies in the face of critics of the language and has been a huge encouragement to those involved in the promotion of Irish. How can we capitalise on this interest?

In this week’s episode, Darach and Peadar are joined by Alan Maguire and Ellen Tannam from Headstuff’s Juvenalia Podcast. Alan and Ellen have agreed to give Duolingo’s Irish course a go and report back on what they’ve learnt. It’s a tale of cats on turtles, inappropriate koalas, owlsplaining, film references and more crabs than you can shake a stick at. There are chats about new words and gender identity in anthromorphic creatures too!

You can (and should) check out Juvenalia here: https://www.headstuff.org/juvenalia/