Poem Of The Week | When The Ark Was Eaten By Adam Rooke

When the Ark was Eaten

By Adam Rooke

When the ark was eaten,
you were looking away
at the empty of
the full earth new-

when there were
fake snows of
white flys
to eat the cages.
Skylights full of
house flys,
to rot it
from inside.
Baby’s fists
of horse flys
to crack the planks
like rusks.

There were
open-sea flys,
with never landing,
to eat the ripples
High atmosphere flys
that have seen
things moving
in orbit,
to eat its
Flys in rented suits
to kneel at the steps
and roll them up.

There were
between-molecule flys
and meta flys
to eat the idea
                      of a way back.

When the ark was eaten,
you looked away
and you were born,
old world gone.

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Photo by Lalo on Unsplash