Strange Bedfellows [08]: The Painter

The Painter

St John’s Point Lighthouse
9th August 1950
I have to report him absent from work all day yesterday
he did not return to station until 1.25 am this morning
his attitude is one of careless indifference and no respect for property
he wilfully wastes materials opening paint tins by blows from a hammer
spilling the contents which are streaming out of the door
and across the yard  he mixes paint with his bare hands
he cleans nothing and he tramps through everything
the spare house has been turned into a disgusting shambles
scraps of food empty stinking milk bottles coal and ashes litter the floor
his language is filthy and he is not amenable to any law or order
he is the worst specimen I have met in thirty years service
I urge his summary dismissal
Your obedient servant
D Blakely
Principal Keeper

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