Hill Street – Irish Skateboarding Documentary

Hill Street, documentary about the origins of skateboarding in Ireland, sub culture 1980s, 80s Ireland, Jape - HeadStuff.orgDo you love skateboarding? Or did you love it once? Or will you love it in the future? Or do you love documentaries? Or do you love Hill Street, Dublin? Or do you love scenes from Dublin in the 1980s? Do you loves wheels? Do you love flat lengths of board? Are you a person?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, then this new Skateboarding Documentary is for you!


Hill Street looks at the evolution of skateboarding culture in Dublin since the late 1980s up until today. The initial driving force behind the scene was a proprietor of a unique skate shop in North Dublin inner city – ‘Clive’s of Hill Street’. From here, Clive Rowen single-handedly progressed the skate scene through the building of primitive ramps at the shop before graduating to a temporary skate park in the Top Hat Ballroom in Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin. Clive later managed to convince the Powell Peralta ‘Bones Brigade’ Team, including the legendary Tony Hawk, to visit the skate park for a now historic demo. The film comprises interviews with key players in both the Irish and global skate community and features rare, never-seen-before footage. 

It’s being distributed by Wildcard Distribution who are only young, started in 2013, but already putting out really cool things like The Summit and Run & Jump.


Here’s the trailer for Hill Street. Throw a look at it.

It opens in select cinemas on May 23rd and will be available to buy worldwide on DVD/VOD through a dedicated website www.hillstreetdocumentary.com and via iTunes from June 2nd.

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