IFI & BEFF Screening | How to Blow Up a pipeline

Showing in association with The Bohemian Environmental Justice Film Festival (BEFF), the screening of How to Blow Up a Pipeline is a 2022 American action-thriller film directed by Daniel Goldhaber, will be followed by an interactive exploration of climate action led by members of Bohemian Climate Co-Operative. This panel discussion will be approx. 45 minutes.

A summer of exceptional weather events forces the climate action agenda to the forefront again, and makes this gripping drama worth a closer look. Based on Andreas Malm’s book, it argues the case for aggressive climate action, and follows a disparate group of young people in California, brought together by the conviction that extreme response is required in order to affect change. Goldhaber presents each character in some detail, and follows the action through from plan to execution in a nail-biting and absorbing call to action.

Speakers on the panel are Patrick Bresnihan (Geography, Maynooth University), Sinéad Mercier (Environmental Law, UCD), Risteard Ó Domhnaill (Filmmaker The Pipe, Atlantic). The panel will be chaired by Anna Pringle (The Climate Alarm Clock Podcast),

The screening and panel discussion will be held at the IFI on Tuesday the 10th of October at 6:30pm. Tickets and further information can be found here.