Lacomic Cup Semi-Final News. Only Two Remain.

From a host of 32 talented writers we have pain-stakingly chipped away at the competition to reach this triumphant conclusion; only two writers remain. It’s a literary death match. Picture the infamous Spock Vs Kirk battle scene but with quills and other literary appendages. It’s going to be epic.

In this round, the writers who won their matches in Round 3 (winning €400 each in the process), had to write a new story between 250 and 300 words, this time the story had to include the word ‘Transgloft” (they also had to come up with what it meant). The four stories were then put to the judgement of comic writer Arthur Mathews. Mathews has written for some of the best comedy series over the last 20 years; Big Train, Toast of London, Brass Eye and Father Ted. Mathews had the following to say about the talent in the competition.

It was easy to judge as the stories were so short! Very good standard as befits semi-finalists. I enjoyed reading them all. I reckon both ‘matches’ would have gone to penalties, as there wasn’t much between any of the ‘teams’. I’m looking forward to a highly competitive final!

The Audience Choice Award was won by Liz Hedgecock for her story ‘The Real Tooth Truth’. A hamper of books worth over €100 from is on its way to her right now. The Voter’s prize was won by reader Katherine Kenny (no relation to, I swear).

Those who were beaten at the last hurdle but gave a valiant fight throughout (and still walk away with a nice cash prize) are:

Jacinta Owens – The Final Legacy of Harry Trangsloft

Rien Thoma – Granddad’s Journal

You can still read these stories on the Lacomic Cup page and all the stories from the previous rounds by clicking on the drop down under this week’s stories.

As for the Final: We are holding that secret under lock and key for now, but don’t worry, you will be the first to know once we dot our i’s and cross our t’s. You may assume it will be fantastic, you may even assume that it will be hilarious. Assume only great things. We only do great things. Watch this space.

The Lacomic Cup is sponsored by Sober Lane.