Tittererer’s Digest #12 (feat. Josie Long)

Gah, it’s hard to believe that Monday has come around once again. And what have we achieved in the interim? I finished a book and got some pretty serious worrying done. Oh, I also had a dream last night in which I was Dame Judy Dench’s PA. She seemed pretty pleased with my work in general. Top lady. No airs or graces. So all in all, I can be pretty pleased with my week’s work. On with the Digest…

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Clip of the Week                                                                                                                       

Clip of the Week this week comes (once again) from Cassetteboy. I’m going to be totally honest with you, I had to go looking for a CotW this week. I normally don’t have to. Nothing smacked me across the face during the last seven days with its hilarity unfortunately. Nevertheless, the news mash-up that Cassetteboy did for The Guardian during the week will do nicely.

[youtube id=”eIEOroWjyGU” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

Honourable mention to Every 90s Commercial Ever by Rocket Jump and Alex Horne’s slurred retelling of the time the FA Cup was stolen on Comedy Central’s Drunk History.

On TV This Week                                                                                                                     

The surprisingly lovely Uncle returns for its second series on BBC3 this week. If you’ve ever seen Nick Helm perform stand up, you’ll probably have thought that (a) he’s a spectacularly original and side-hurtingly funny performer and (b) that he’s probably too shouty and abrasive to successfully star in a warm and gentle sitcom such as Uncle. You’d be (a) right and (b) so wrong that your opinion is officially worth nothing from here on in. Uncle isn’t always warm and gentle though, it segues effortlessly between Helm’s heartfelt burgeoning relationship with his nephew and some pretty dark and rude material. But it makes this light and shade all work wonderfully. This is one of the funniest shows to appear on UK television over the last couple of years. Tuesday 10th February @ 10pm on BBC3

[youtube id=”NuvC1-FEdp8″ align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

Also, don’t forget, ye people of sufficient disposable income to afford a Netflix subscription, that the highly anticipated Better Call Saul gets its UK/Ireland premiere on Monday. This is, of course, a spin-off from the much-loved Breaking Bad series, focussing on Bob Odenkirk’s over-combed attorney of some disrepute, Saul Goodman. Comedy fans will have known Odenkirk from his work on the fairly peerless Mr. Show, but his turn on Breaking Bad as the shameless strip-mall lawyer was a revelation. This show isn’t strictly a comedy, but there will be enough humour mixed in with the drama to justify its place on this page. Netflix UK from Monday February 9th.

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Gig of the Week                                                                                                                         

Josie Long - Headstuff.org

The just-as-interesting-and-enlightening-as-she-is-downright-funny Josie Long is playing the Workmans Club in Dublin this week. Her latest show (which she is presenting this week) Cara Josephine was officially the best reviewed show at Edinburgh last year. Long’s earnest optimistic enthusiasm is infectious and at times inspirational. I find myself positively invigorated leaving her shows. Get yourself over to Ticketmaster ASAP and nab what I’m sure are the final hot-cake esque tickets. Josie Long ‘Cara Josephine’ The Workmans Club, Friday 13th February at 8pm.

Any Other Business                                                                                                                

– If Katy Perry upstaged the football game at last weekend’s Super Bowl, well then her dancing sharks may have upstaged her. Kelly Stout wrote the Diary of the Left Shark this week for The New Yorker. [Read More Here]

– 2014 Edinburgh comedy award winner John Kearns writes about his comic hero Tommy Cooper in The Guardian. [Read More Here]

– HBO’s excellent Silicon Valley is returning in April for a second season. And the first trailer has just dropped*. [Read More Here]

*I’m worried that I’ve been using the term ‘dropped’ (as in released or published) as a joke so much that before I know it I’ll be using it seriously and without any hint of irony.

OK that’s your lot. Back to bed for me. Who knows which national treasure I may end up personally assisting next? Fry? Mirren? Wogan? Frustratingly, I’m too excited to sleep.