EP Review | Femmepop Channels The City On London

Femmepop is a one-woman project, with Margaret O’ Sullivan playing the role of singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. From this EP, it’s clear she has found a balance between all these roles. London sees her artistic credibility heightening while she delves into pop accessibility.

London was created with a completely different approach from Femmepop’s previous releases. Because of this there are interesting melodies, new sounds, and innovative instrumental beats throughout the EP. This experimental music finds Femmepop branching out. Rather than sticking to one genre or sound, she is progressing in her music and developing her talent.

There’s a lot of energy throughout the three tracks, pulling on the listener’s emotions. In particular, it deals with love and sadness. Speaking about the record, Femmepop discussed her admiration for London:

“I have always seen the beauty and felt the charm of this city and in the most mundane and ordinary occurrences.”

From her own perspective, she took what she experienced and put it to music, with the noisy, raw, and gritty moods naturally flowing into her songs.


Throughout the EP, she proudly experiments with electronic sounds. Beginning with ‘Gnarly’, she deals with culture and religion. Following this is the next track ‘Vice’, bending sounds to add a progressive flavour to the extended-play.

Then, closing with ‘Night Progression’, nostalgic moments of greatness morph into the high energy of doing it all again, bringing proceedings to a riveting close. London ends with Femmepop reflecting on the inspiration she found whilst roaming the city itself.

Moving away from her familiar sound was a risk worth taking for Femmepop. Certainly, this bold decision has worked in her favour. Each track is crafted with a meaningful artistic message and a new musical direction for her fans. She’s creating room to develop her musical tastes, all while enticing new listeners with an exciting record.

It’s extremely impressive that Femmepop has conjured a diverse three track collection of electronic songs all on her own. Above all, this solo project proves her dedication and love for music, an artist truly going to great lengths to craft something as special as London.

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