EP Review | Jack Ellis Show Potential on Bluesy Out Of Luck

Out Of Luck, is the brand-new extended-play from alt-singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jack Ellis. The EP features five-tracks and was released via District South Records.

Jack showcases his dynamic and heartfelt performance over the five-track extended-play. The EP finds him questioning throughout ‘do we choose our own luck in life?’ In the press release, he discussed, “The question swirled around my head whilst bouncing between the idea of right and wrong. We watch reckless youth make the same mistakes we once made, still indulging in the same temptations. It begs the question, did we choose this path ourselves?”

Throughout the collection of tracks, Jack’s passion and love for his art is fully displayed as well as him exploring each story in true depth.

‘The Barrel Of Your Gun’ kick starts the collection. The rocking, dark ballad is about lovers on the run. Jack describes the love affair like a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. It’s an interesting as well as with the dynamic on where he will take the record.


‘Small Change’ is an interesting track with a magical atmosphere. The song features bluesy-infused instrumental with a fierce awakening along with Jack’s grit-infused vocals. The fascinating reverb heavy guitar and harmonies bring the song to life in an incredible way. As we as being the EP’s first taster, the song adds extra flavouring on what to expect overall with the surge of blistering guitar noises angrily takes offensive on a heartless ex-lover.

‘Merrygoround’ alternatively unlike the rest of the tracks, is slow. Jack’s vocals soar over the soundscapes in a cinematic way that is effortlessly beautiful. There’s dark elements that boosts his vocal range and abilities.

Jack’s vocals are husky and smooth throughout the the fun and groovy ‘Pistol Twisted Tongue’.

‘Temptation’ is a great closer for the EP. It brings the story to a close, seeing Jack ‘fall into temptation’, along to a fascinating instrumental with haunting vocals.

Jack has a lot of potential that is showcased throughout Out Of Luck. The smooth bluesy and raw edged tracks are true gems and a treat for the listener. From the get-go the musician is on a search for answers within the five-tracks. The instrumental is full of soul that combine his vocals with the intertwining craftful balance of production. He perfectly paints a picture of the storyline and surly delivers beyond expected. And if you are a fan of Ben Howard, The Stone Foxes, and Jack Savoretti, this EP is something for you.

Jack Ellis’s EP Out of Luck will be released on September 7, 2018 via District South Records.