EP Review | Soda Blonde’s isolation • content Is Mellow Pop

isolation • content is the new EP from Soda Blonde, an alt-pop band based out of Dublin. It’s always a pleasure to listen to and review music from artists of all walks of life. However, I feel a particular sense of pride whenever I’m listening to great music from an Irish band.

isolation • content is an expertly crafted collection of mellow pop songs, each with their own identity. When I say expertly crafted, I mean it, and the proof is in the pudding.

‘I Hear Birdz’ is the perfect remedy for those stuck in isolation and feeling the effects of lockdown. It has such warmth, it will bring a smile to your face no matter how low you feel. It’s how pop music should be—mellow and catchy, with excellent instrumentation, great lyrics, and powerful vocals. The song goes by so fast you’ll need to listen again immediately.


There are elements of dream pop, indie, pop of days gone by, dance music, contemporary sounds—it’s a mix of everything. All of these elements come together to create a truly memorable listening experience. Every song is a genuine standout, they each have their own unique identity and will certainly resonate with you in some way.

Sometimes an EP can feel disjointed. Maybe the songs feel unfinished, or the styles clash. Other times, as with isolation • content, you get an EP of album quality which is over before you know it. With this release, Soda Blonde leave you wanting more.

The musicianship is top tier, the background vocals are the perfect fit for the warm, hazy instrumentation, and Faye O’Rourke delivers such heavenly, distinctive vocals. These are the individual ingredients making up a great band.

Speaking of heavenly, the EP ends with the musical ecstasy that is ‘A Day at a Time’. I know I said each song is a standout, but this one really is my personal favourite. You might expect songs born during a time of isolation to be dark, but you would be wrong. In this particular case, the EP ends with a sense of hope. The vocals are especially dreamy and the hook is downright excellent.

The EP clocks in at just under fifteen minutes. It’s such a quick listen, it’s definitely worth your time. isolation • content is more deserving of regular radio play than some half-decent viral sensation with the machine behind it. Why? It’s simply better in every category and will leave more of an impression.

I really hope isolation • content gets a physical release in the future, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. For now, you can purchase the EP on Bandcamp or stream it in all the usual places.