EP Review | A Short, Sweet Endless Summer from DENM

When I listen to new music for review purposes, I often find myself wanting a record that is going to challenge me. Sometimes this approach can tire you out, it can leave you wanting to hear something that will simply perk you up, so you can feel normal again. Well, ladies and gentlemen, look no further than Endless Summer by DENM, a very talented artist hailing from Huntington Beach, California. This EP is a short, but memorable, listen of just six tracks, only one of which goes beyond the three-minute mark.

The EP has a very poppy, reggae-heavy sound while also incorporating brief moments of psychedelia. It’s an honest, upbeat and well-written album. This is especially evident on the first track, the very catchy yet raw, ‘Life’s Too Short’, and also on one of the standout tracks of the EP, ‘Find Your Own’.

I found myself lost in the music at times. For me, that doesn’t happen too often and it’s a testament to the talent on display across this EP. I have only one minor criticism of DENM on this record. Towards the end of ‘Blow It Up’ it all gets a bit too loud and muddled. However, ‘Blow it Up’ is still another standout track with a trippy, party vibe and great bass.


Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to say that DENM has an incredible voice. On every single track, his vocal performances are flawless. This EP has it all really. The songwriting is excellent and relatable, the singing is impeccable, and the production is nearly perfect. If you’re feeling down, Endless Summer is the record to change that. DENM is going to blow up in the coming months. There is no question about it, he’s an incredibly talented artist and Endless Summer reflects that.

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