EP Review | Old Blues / Modern Love From 18th & Addison

18th & Addison, now that’s a memorable name for a duo. Do you know what else is quite catchy? The music on this EP. Admittedly, I have a strained relationship with pop rock/punk. Often, it’s overly repetitive and quite bland. However, this duo may have just brought me back to the dark side. The chemistry between the artists is magic, with the pair complementing each other perfectly. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect, but by the end of it they had pulled me in. The songwriting is excellent. 18th & Addison have a knack for crafting catchy, well-structured songs—exactly what I want to hear.

A majority of the EP is high energy and quite infectious. The riffs are catchy and the harmonies are divine. ‘Leeches’ is an incredible track with outstanding vocals, pounding drums, catchy lyrics and fantastic production. It’s just a really well-crafted song that is sure to have everyone singing along in a live setting, and the subject matter is relatable, so what’s not to like? It’s full of energy, and I can imagine crowds going crazy when this is played. I definitely think the last two tracks are the strongest, I thought I’d figured out what was coming next, but they surprised me with something else.


‘Minutes Like Fireflies’, the last track on the EP, is the surprise I was alluding to. This is one of the prettiest acoustic songs I think I’ve heard. It’s such a raw, heart-breaking track, the vocals and guitar just crushed me for some reason. If you can touch someone emotionally with just a voice and a guitar, you’re doing it right. It’s a standout performance, and this song is deserving of mainstream attention. It has substance, it’s not bland, it’s delicate, and it’s a great piece of music. 18th & Addison put their own spin on the pop punk/rock sound and don’t follow the formula, which is why it all sounds so fresh.

This EP is quite short, clocking in at less than fifteen minutes. Of course, it is just an EP after all, and an excellent one at that. It shows what the duo from New Jersey are capable of—making great music. This is another strong release from the pair. For me, only one of the songs is a little bit undercooked. The future is certainly bright for 18th & Addison, and I eagerly await whatever comes next. Go out of your way to listen to Old Blues / Modern Love.

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