Single Review | Greg in Good Company – ‘Carrie’s Song (Told Me to Sing)’

Roots-revival acts have captured a loyal corner of the market over the last decade. A kneejerk analyst may scoff at them as artificial antidotes to the electronic drill of modern radio, but Greg in Good Company illustrate the substance behind such acts.

Their new single, ‘Carrie’s Song (Told Me to Sing)’, fulfils its ambition as a 70s FM radio rock sing-a-long and then some. The gospel-tinged chorus and mish-mash of acoustic and electric guitars, swooning backing vocals, and heart wrenching leads are quintessential roots-rock, fit with soulful character and well written hooks.

Each chorus parades for a full minute, but the band doesn’t stray into cumbersome self-indulgence. Full-band chanting gives way to slide guitars which slickly assume command of the melody and the energy carries itself naturally throughout.


Lead man Greg Gilman’s maudlin verses may irk some on grounds of tackiness, but such is the nature of soft rock – it often treads close to wishy-washy blandness. A footnote in the grander scheme of things, however; this is a solid effort worth checking out.