Soundtrack Review | Jared Dylan Constructs A Party Feel For His Short-Film Consequence

Musician Jared Dylan’s soundtrack to his short-film Consequence, features four brand-new tracks. The EP includes ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Justified’, ‘Double Time’, and ‘Party Goes All Night’ whilst including a remix version of ‘Can’t Stop’, remixed by Carmen Rizzo.

‘Can’t Stop’ opens the soundtrack easing the listener in with a lot of anticipation on what’s yet to come. The fantastic tune was an incredible first release, and a great taster into what is yet to come. He opens the song, singing, “I’m a loaded gun in social situations,” somewhat knowing his worth and keeping himself grounded while making his dreams come true. The track overall discusses the hardships artists endure, but Jared put his own spin on it as he sings, “let me lose control,” displaying his urge for freedom. Over the electronic and poppy rhythm, he declares he is where he wants to be, but still continues to make it to a further destination.

‘Justified’ follows in the high energy showcases his more rocky Brit-pop vocals. The instrumental has a funky vibe to it under Jared’s voice. He opens the track singing, “The way you turn it and burn it / You’re working overtime / I don’t deserve how you serve it / I have to fall in line / No need to justify.”


‘Double Time’ sees Jared paying his dues to all his hard work. It begins slow and steady before blowing up before the chorus with tropical vibes. He declares, “If all I had was love, I would never hate my life / If all I had was truth, I would never have to lie / If all I did was good, I would never know good times / If all I had was you, I would never leave your side.” Although he seems hesitant in life ‘struggling with wrong and right’, he seems to know what he wants, and how to get it figured out.

‘Party Goes All Night’ is the only feature on Consequence, with artists Neville Staple, Kemo The Blaxican, and Da Threat. The tune is really catchy that will have the listener humming and singing along halfway through the song. There’s great vibes along with Jared’s soothing, party-flavorful voice.

Each track is feel-good and party-like. His enthusiasm and love for his craft makes the soundtrack an interesting listen. Overall, the collection of songs are cheerful, uplifting, and mood changing. It’s very refreshing to see an artist remain authentic to themselves. Jared is on the rise to something great.

Throughout Jared’s music career, he constantly pushes the boundaries and changes his style, but remaining grounded. He appears more Jared Dylan on this body of work compared to his previous releases. Not dismissing his back catalog, but paying more attention to where he is at today. His connection with each track make the body of work a piece of art. Compared to his previous two extended-plays The Man Behind The Mask, and his debut In Panic, he shows a lot of growth, and not only as a songwriter.

Hailing from New Jersey, to now residing in the emerald island, the alternative-pop musician has been turning heads, in a good way since his arrival. Having already made a name for himself overseas with his music achieving over one millions streams on Spotify, he’s now back with a 20-date plus, three month tour around Ireland. He will headlining a handful of dates, as well as supporting EuroVision star Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Paddy Casey, Ryan Sheridan, and The 4 Of Us.

Jared Dylan will be performing and premiering the album and his short film tomorrow in Tower Records, Dawson Street at 6pm. It’s free of charge so pop on down.