Fair Game #29 | Endurance Sport

In this episode of Fair Game, we tackle Endurance Sport. You know the feeling of doing something for the first time – you signed up for a daunting 10k or half marathon and trained for something you thought was beyond your limits. And then when you achieve that goal, your limits move further and further away. Well, our two guests today are here to talk about endurance for a journey that is without limits – always further, always longer, on foot and in water, we’re talking about ultra-marathons and that fabled distance, Iron Man.

In the first Fair Game hot seat we’re joined by an Olympian, who competed in the 2012 London Marathon. She is a regular top finisher in marathons including the 2017 Dublin SSE Airtricity Marathon, when she was second Irish woman over the line with a time of 2:36. Catriona Jennings is the current Irish record holder in the 50k ultra-marathon distance – winning the Donadea ultra-marathon with a time of 3:24 and has represented her country in endurance sport with the Irish Ultra Marathon team (GOALZ). Caitriona, you’re very welcome to Fair Game.

Also joining us is a woman for whom mastery in one sport is simply not enough – oh no, excelling in her craft she has excelled in swimming the 2.4mile distance, the 112 mile cycle and THEN running a full marathon distance – Aileen Flynn is an IRON MAN. A two time Iron Man World Championship Finisher which take place every year on the Hawaiian Island of Kona – she was the only woman flying the flag for Ireland 2017. Aileen, welcome to Fair Game


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