1 | The Fifth Element with Sarah Maria Griffin

Alan Maguire and Ellen Tannam talk to writer Sarah Maria Griffin about a film that was important to her as a teenager, The Fifth Element.

Questions asked and answered in this episode include: Is The Fifth Element a noir? Who would we cast in a gender-swapped The Fifth Element? Is Ruby Rhod a queer icon? Is Bruce Willis a hot dad? Could The Fifth Element be made today? Is it weird and cool that Ellen and Sarah had never met before this episode but have something very important in common? How did Sarah turn some of the issues with being a Woman Who Likes Sci-Fi on their head while writing her first novel Spare And Found Parts? Is there really any need to watch Breaking Bad or True Detective? How strong are Alan’s keratin levels? Also, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bruce Willis’s Disney Sex Thriller, Zelda, Twin Peaks, home cinemas built by dads, CAPITALISM, and loads more. We had a Very Good Chat as they call it in formal chat circles. That’s the official term for it. I checked.

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