#111 | Motherfoclóir Beo: Our Netmovies Elevator Pitches

It’s Dublin Podcast Festival time again!

This year the Motherfoclóir gang appeared as part of a double bill with The Irish Passport at The Button Factory on November 17th. This episode is the live recording of that show, edited for brevity and clarity.

In a world where so many TV and movie franchises have grinded to a halt or are on hiatus, Darach wanted to alert Hollywood to the fact that Irish history, literature and mythology has a wealth of untapped source material for them to consider for the Next Big Thing. In this episode, he talks to Peadar, Gearóidín and Éimear about the blockbuster potential of An Táin (served two ways), Georgian Dublin and the race against time that was the drafting of the constitution. The common link between all these stories appears to be a bunch of ‘rock lads absolutely sending it on their holiday in Thailand. A new epic poem, perhaps?

The Motherfoclóir gang are joined by Tim McInerney and Naomi O’Leary from The Irish Passport for the Q & A at the end of this episode.

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