#17 | The Secret Diary of a Cinnire, Age 16 1/2

“Going to the Gaeltacht is like Hogwarts, except instead of magic, you have the magic of Irish”

As the author of five YA novels and the presenter of HeadStuff’s Sweet Valley High podcast “Double Love”, Anna Carey knows a thing or two about teen drama. In this week’s episode, she joins Darach and Éimear to share her memories of being a cinnire (a camp counsellor at Irish college) during the 1990s. They discuss how mix tapes and graffiti were the ancestors of today’s social networking, the translation of pop song lyrics to Irish, narcs, céilís and slang as Gaeilge.

You can find Anna’s podcast HERE and her books HERE

Please note that today’s episode includes a swearword.

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