Instagram Pick of the Week | Tim Warren

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Why did you start using Instagram?
I use Instagram to find new artists, a lot of varied styles, you’ll always find someone new to follow doing something you haven’t seen before.
When did you start using Instagram?
I started using instagram about 2 years ago, Just a handy place to share work.
How would you describe your style?

My style I’m not too sure on, I like Clean linework, I like subtle colour palletes, I like drawing hands. I’m still messing around and trying to find a style but for the moment just experimenting I suppose.

What materials do you use?
I mainly work with pen or ink on paper and would use watercolours for colour, I started using an iPad pro recently though and it’s dead handy for cleaning up a hand drawn piece and trying different colour schemes and shading, so I’ll usually finish hand drawn pieces on that.
What are your influences?
My Main influences in terms of artists would be @tonypapesh , @lanceinkwell and @beastwreck on instagram, all have nice clean line work and good use of colour. All have pretty different styles, however, consistently satisfying pieces come out of all three. I’d recommend checking them out.