#61 | The Light In The Window: Irish Presidents and the World

Diaspora: from the Greek word diaspeirein “to scatter about, disperse,” from dia “about, across” + speirein “to scatter”.

The word “diaspora” was not used in the Irish context until Mary Robinson did so, powerfully sending a message about the global Irish community and the pain felt at both ends of the split of emigration. But 28 years later, is the term still apt?

In the final part of our Uachtarán Trilogy, Darach talks to Peadar and Gearóidín about how presidents have presented Ireland to the world. As well as Professor Robinson’s iconic light in the window, they look at Douglas Hyde’s careful neutrality, Hillery’s moment as Germany’s Doctor Dishy and McAleese’s bridge building.

Inevitably this leads to a discussion of Saoirse Ronan’s “Brooklyn”, sentimental 80s ads and suitable judo wear.

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