NO POPCORN #024 | EVITA (1996)

NO ENCORE‘s Dave Hanratty and David Higgins return to the world of musical cinema with a full-on epic non-stop music video in the form of Alan Parker’s Evita. The film tells the life story of Eva Duarte as she goes from working class youth to B-movie sensation to political titan, emerging as both the most beloved and hated woman in Argentina along the way.

Does the constant barrage work? Is Madonna any use? How about Antonio Banderas, whose character might be a ghost of some description? The music is certainly bizarre, but is it enjoyable? All this and more up for debate…

ACT ONE: What We’ve Been Watching in which the boys finally get around to talking about Tenet, among other highlights.

ACT TWO (17:32): All things Evita.

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