Overinformed | What is political correctness?

Political Correctness is like trying to squeeze room-temperature butter with plastic yellow kitchen gloves. Its much harder to get a grasp on than you may think and goes all over the place .You either think it entraps truthought, or acknowledges that not everyone is the same and that society should reflect that. How can a phrase have this kind of opposite meaning? On today’s episode of Overinformed, We try get a handle on this rather slippery and catch-all concept.

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Show notes:


Chupi Sweetman Voxpop: Parade by Nctrnm CC BY 4.0

Sources for History of Political Correctness:

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  • Russian/Polish/USA/Chinese National Anthem from Anthemworld.com
  • Performance of Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix, Performed at Woodstock 1969
  • Performance of Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston from 1991
  • Opening Music: Make Believe by oDDling
  • Closing Music: Say Goodbye by Hiroshi Satoh