#24 | A Very Special St. Patrick’s Day Location: The Honest2Goodness Market.

In this week’s Sparking Change, Dil records from a very special St Patrick’s Day location – The Honest2Goodness Market in Glasnevin. We hear from producers and regular visitors about the importance of real food, community, and hen-dog friendship.

2:25 Bríd Carter: founder of Honest2Goodness

First up, we hear from Bríd Carter, co-founder of the market with her brother Colm, about the origins of the market, and how they strive to cut down on packaging – some customers even bring Tupperware! – and their drive to bring back ‘real food’ to our plates.

15:03 Julie Depouy: Ireland’s top sommelier, and market-goer

Dil talks to Ireland’s top sommelier and regular market-goer, Julie Depouy, about the community feeling of the market, and the importance of eating for pleasure as well as health.

28:23 Peter Whelan: Rare Breed Pork Producer

Peter is a Dub living in County Meath, where he runs his rare breed pork farm for the stall at the market. Peter talk to Dil about the difference between commercial meat, and high-quality produce, and the importance of giving animals a good, long and happy life.

40:04 Stephen Mooney and Aisling Durlough: market-goers

Stephen and Aisling have been coming to the market for 9 years, for everything except eggs, which they get from their own hens. They discuss the importance of the market in their lives, and how they’ve made friends there over the years.

58:35 Alex Campion: market-goer

Alex has been coming to the market for years, after stumbling upon it by accident. She tells Dil about how the market has changed after the years, how she likes the personal aspect of talking to people here about food, and the importance of eating together with loved ones.

1:14:30 Patrick Marjolet: The Proper Chocolate Company

Patrick and his wife Kelli are from France and the USA, and have settled in Ireland where they make their own bean to bar chocolate. Patrick talks to Dil about their travels, and the art of making chocolate; you don’t decide when chocolate is ready, chocolate tells you when it’s ready.

1:38:04 Donal York: market-goer

Donal and is a regular market-goer and has been coming since it opened. Originally, he wanted better quality meat, and ended up staying for everything else. He talks to Dil about the importance of cooking with your family and teaching your kids to appreciate good food.

1:47:10 Kevin of C+H Coffee Specialists, and Purple Preserves Pantry

Kevin runs C+H Coffee Specialists, and Purple Preserves Pantry with his partner Adam. He tells tell Dil about how the business grew from making jam in the kitchen with the family, to growing into specialist coffee.

1:58:24 Lily Ramirez-Foran: market-goer and owner of Picado Mexican Pantry

Lily Ramirez Foran is a Mexican living in Ireland, with her husband Alan, and owner of Picado Mexican Pantry. Lily used to have a stall at the market, and tells Dil about how it was not long before she was missing some spice in her food after moving to Ireland, and that food is vital to keeping her connected to home.

2:21:28 Pat and Armitage, producer of Sheskin Canadian-style smoked salmon

Pat and his partner Zoe make Canadian-style smoked salmon– cured with brown sugar, and hot smoked – to a Native American recipe. Pat tells Dil about their plans to bring their product to a bigger market, and how they like to smoke (salmon) at home.

2:29:04 Barbara Morrisey: Dublin North West Repeal

Dil meets Barbara Morrisey from Dublin North West Repeal about the upcoming referendum, the importance of getting out and spreading the word if you’re pro-repeal, and how the 8th amendment goes far beyond abortion, and affects everyone.

2:37:34 Ann Marie Toole, Phoenix, Xavier

To round off a very special Sparking Change, Dil is joined by her family; her wife Anne Marie, her son Phoenix, and baby daughter Xavier – they discuss emergency vehicles, prosecco and how the market sure beats supermarket shopping.